Well look what we got here.  Another door is opened in the world of sustainable agriculture.  We all know the benefits of aquaponics and now we have another system making its way into the spotlight, Aeroponics……

Aquaponics Modular Production Systems (AMPS) has debuted there most recent project in New Orleans, the very first areoponics farm. The Tower Garden system can be utilized in place of hydroponics for indoor growing.  Recirculating farms use clean recycled water in place of soil to grow food. “Aeroponics” is one type of these farms, where plants grow in vertical towers (See picture below).   AMPS plans to build many other recirculating farms throughout New Orleans to provide more local sources of healthy food.  Beginning the week of February 15th, the new aeroponic farm will provide vegetables for Hollygrove Market and Farm to sell to the community. The system is expected to yield upwards of 40 pounds of greens every week.

Recirculating farming methods, like aquaponics and aeroponics, are becoming very popular worldwide. These systems are efficient, eco-friendly, and can create green spaces that provide food for the community while creating economic growth in areas that were once deemed as unusable space.

Aeroponics is another great example of people finding ways to turn the urban landscape that is plagued by paved surfaces and limited growing areas into a thriving, sustainable spaces for everyone to enjoy.

Source: City Farmers News- AMPS builds New Orleans’ first “Aeroponic” recirculating farm. Demonstrates sustainable urban agriculture. 

-written by Danny Kehoe, Business Development Intern, Spring 2012