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Our Locations

CEED/NTP International Locations

We have two international locations here at CEED/NTP. Our headquarter is located in the United States in the shadows of the northern Colorado Rocky Mountains, in Berthoud, Colorado. At this amazing location, we conduct commercial scale Research and Development and education at both of these campuses.

We have a second international location in the beautiful coastal highlands of the Dominican Republic. This is our Yasica Mountain Eco-Center location. This beautiful farm/ranch is operated by our partners, Peter and Natasha as a center for education, living, eco-tourism, and sustainable tropical farming. We welcome you to come and visit us at any time, at either of our locations.

Northern Colorado Headquarters Location

Our campus is located in northern Colorado. It’s a farm/ranch and our office/indoor agriculture complex.

This location contains our our main offices. It is here where we do the majority of our aquaponics and aquaculture research. In our four greenhouses we have several large scale aquaponics systems, both modular systems and the traditional raft systems. We also have intensive shrimp aquaculture systems and several demonstration and experimental systems. We have several demonstration systems used to test for feasibility of these systems in urban warehouse settings. Our livestock feed system, Donoma Si Performance Livestock Nutrition, and our coral bank is also housed in our warehouse facility. Nourish The Planet’s main offices are also located at the Campion Campus.

At our Ranch Campus or Mountain Sky Ranch  we have over 100 alpacas, pygora goats, and free-range chickens. Here we practice sustainable ranching and rotational grazing practices. These practices have healed this once overgrazed property and restored it to its natural state. Mountain Sky Ranch hosts many of our events and has beautiful amenities and stunning views.