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HOPE for the Hopeless

Nourish the Planet Gives Back

100_0064If we are going to enable ecopreneurs to Teach the World to Feed Itself, we have to provide opportunities to teach. One dollar out of every four that is generated by NTP’s Programs will go to our HOPE (Helping Other People Ecolonomically) for the Hopeless program where we help local community groups and distant hungry people groups to learn how to feed themselves.

Click here to visit our IOE Hope website where you can learn more about how this exciting “Give Back” program works, and how you can get involved.  Perhaps you belong to a local community group, a church, club or scout troop that would like to learn how to:

  • learn how to produce a little food in your homes
  • develop an urban garden
  • use alternative technologies to process waste for producing fertilizer
  • use aquaponics for a food production solution without spending a fortune
  • use worm culture for compost production
  • grow mushrooms at home
  • forage “weeds” in your neighborhood as edible foods
  • and much more

Maybe you have a mission in Africa, South America, or Asia that you already serve for helping orphans, widows, or any people group and hunger is always an issue. We can help. You can help and the world needs your help. Please act now!