Here’s this week’s headline round up.  It’s a great selection of everything from overpopulation doom to mini-indoor aquaponics.  Enjoy!

The Implications of Overpopulation are Terrifying:  “…the demand for food will have doubled by 2050; food production already accounts for 30% of greenhouse gases – more than manufacturing or transport; more food needs more land, especially when the food is meat; more fields mean fewer forests, which means even more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which means an even less stable climate, which means less reliable agriculture – witness the present grain crisis in the US…”

The Hunger Wars in our Future:  “Food — affordable food — is essential to human survival and well-being. Take that away, and people become anxious, desperate, and angry.”  This is one of several articles I’ve come across that forecasts an increase in global instability as a result of our current drought.

Food Supply Shock:  “Haugerud… thinks this year’s drought simply accelerated a situation that was already growing quite serious… ‘We’re hitting a wall on productivity gains,” she says, “everything from irrigation to fertilization to genetic engineering.”  Unless there’s a meaningful development, “Food could be the new distressed asset,” she says. And in the near term, “there’s no reason that corn can’t trade $10,” she says.”

Colleges See Higher Demand for Degrees in Ag:  I thought this was interesting, especially in light of the above links.

Beverage Companies Pay Millions to Conserve Water:  “If there’s not fresh water, there’s no business — it’s just that simple,” said Laura Huffman, state director of the Nature Conservancy in Texas. “It is their number one infrastructure concern. … Water tops the list, above roads, above energy, above all else, because if you don’t get water right, you’re not making anything.”

Thousands of Fish Die as Midwest Streams Heat Up

Michael Bloomberg Talks About Coal Power

Lastly, here’s a wonderfully productive rain gutter garden, and a beautiful mini-indoor aquaponic system from Japan.

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