Looking after your animals, when you keep them as pets, is very important. Whether you are a farmer or a normal individual, owning pigs is a responsibility. From their metabolic system to better growth and proper nutrition; everything must be managed well. And fresh water plays a huge role in this. 

Thus, investing in the right pig waterer is very important. It helps you withstand pig abuse as they only regulate water when it is actually needed. They not only supply fresh water for the pigs but also make the task of livestock keeper’s, pretty easy. 

Also, it is important to know that pigs demand a lot of water. Thus, the pig waterer needs to be refilled almost every day. If you own two or three pigs, this might not be a great or challenging task. On the contrary, if you have a farm, then we would suggest that you invest in an automatic pig waterer as refilling can be exhausting. 

How to Find the Right Pig Waterer? 

Now, choosing the best pig waterer for your pigs is crucial. As stated above, the water supply must remain optimal for these animals as their entire system is reliant on it. Thus, looking into some simple questions, before you make a purchase, can be helpful and will result in a smarter buying decision as well. 

1. How Much Capacity does the Waterer have to Hold Water?

The amount of water the equipment can hold is a huge concern. If you have a mature pig, then you will need at least a gallon of fresh water for him, per day. On the other hand, piglets require half gallon water. Therefore, you must choose a waterer that can deliver the capacity that your pig will be needing. 

2. Is the Material Good? 

Pigs are quite aggressive. They are one of the messiest animals. They are always into abusing their waterers. Thus, you want to choose one that can withstand their aggressive nature. Plastic waterers won’t do the job well and you will have to invest in new ones, quite often. The durability of the material is an important aspect to look into. 

The best material to opt for is stainless steel. They are weather resistant and can withstand harsh behavior easily. 

3. What is the refilling process?

Next up, you want to make sure that the refilling process is easy and quick. For example, if the water requires an extra effort for refilling water, you might want to look at more user-friendly choices. 

4. Does it suit your budget? 

This is important for everyone; is the water fitting your budget? Staying on a budget is great because looking after pigs is not a cheap task anyways. There are so many options available online that are quite expensive. Thus, you want to steer clear of such choices completely. Look for some options, do your research, and compare prices to get a rough estimate about how much you would have to spend. 

5. Is it easy to Install?

Lastly, the installation process comes into consideration. Remember that waterers are installed to ensure that water and feed waste is reduced significantly. It should be easy and quick to install and must hold in its place perfectly well. 


Pigs need water and feed in large quantities. Thus, depending on the number of pigs you own, you might have to invest in more than one waterer. Take your time to look for durable and cost-effective options, to make a smarter pick. 

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