Home gardening is an incredibly rewarding activity that allows people from all walks of life to enjoy the spirit of Mother Nature in their backyards. Whether you have a tiny patch of land or a massive farmstead, anybody can cultivate a variety of fruits, vegetables, flowers and other crops that fit their needs and interests.

Many farmers – particularly those in urban areas with smaller lots in which to grow – want to focus on growing crops that provide intrinsic value. Likewise, some crops present more benefits than others; some of these are known as “supercrops,” which deliver amazing yields per square foot and/or provide growers with incredibly nutrient-rich harvests.

Let’s take a look at four amazing supercrops that you’ll want to cultivate in your home garden during the next growing season.


While not legal everywhere, the use of hemp predates modern civilization, yet today’s world is finding an increasing need for it once again. This supercrop has been enhanced over the generations to produce fantastic yields and can be used in hundreds of practical applications. For small home gardens, the use of hemp may be most commonly associated with the production of CBD, which has numerous health benefits. Very potent CBD hemp seeds and strains have been created to maximize this supercop’s potential yield.

Ordering high-quality CBD hemp seeds is easy enough as a variety of premium vendors offer this supercrop seed. 


Another fantastic supercrop with excellent nutritional and health properties, buckwheat is a common grain that can be found throughout much of the world. Incorporated into a wide variety of recipes across cultures globally, buckwheat offers a gluten-free and nutrient-rich ingredient in meals. 

From making noodles and pasta to its use in dough and batter, home gardeners can benefit from growing buckwheat for use in their own meals. Some even consume buckwheat in the same ways that others eat quinoa, thanks to its high-protein and high-fiber content. The benefits of growing buckwheat also extend to your garden as a whole; click here for more information.


In a world where too much starch is commonly found in most people’s diets, seeking alternatives is only sensible. Home gardeners seeking to cultivate supercrops in their backyards need to look no further than the oca, a tuberous plant that originates in the Andes. The oca is a starchy crop itself, but its higher nutritional value means that it can even out-compete sweet potatoes in terms of its health benefits.

Loaded with antioxidants and vitamin C, oca can easily be grown above-ground in large containers for those who want to maximize growing space.


Another root vegetable on the list of supercrops is cassava (also known as yucca), a delicious source of healthy carbohydrates and vitamins. Growing cassava in the United States requires a specific process in most climates, but can still easily be accomplished by home gardeners. 

Cassava can be used to make flour or can be prepared in a variety of ways in its root vegetable form.

These four supercrops are all being promoted as alternatives in battling global hunger and also provide a naturally high level of nutrients and crop yield in general. For those seeking to maximize their home garden’s output next growing season, planting one or more of these crops simply makes good sense!

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