Benefits of recycling

Recycling makes use of materials that would otherwise be thrown in the landfill by processing and collecting trash or waste materials. Recycling can benefit the environment and community by minimizing the amount of garbage thrown out. It also helps to conserve resources by minimizing mining, cutting down trees, saving energy, water and fertilizers associated with farming and also help to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills. Recycling also saves the energy needed in mining, and reduces the green house gases. Therefore, recycling your household waste can be an essential element for sustainability.

Turning waste into art

recycle papertowelMany people have the artistic ability to turn junk into art. Some of the artists can really boast about how environmentally conscious they are and how they can make junk beautiful. It is not only for children’s art and craft, but anyone of any age can practice using materials that they would usually throw away and turn them into art. Some of the artists can make incredible master pieces from recycled materials.

Recycled art ideas

We all know the old saying “one man’s junk another man’s treasure.” We could create art form just about anything we want if we have the eye for it. There can be great pleasure found in creating art from the things you would normally throw away. Some of the materials that may be used for creating art are old Christmas wrapping papers that could be recycled, old metal tin, buttons, old metal straps and so on.

If your kitchen could use some extra touch, you can remodel your kitchen or bathroom with old boxes and plastic containers. Make your kitchen more organized with old lunch boxes, make shelves, repaint your old boxes and make them look beautiful.

You can also make good use of your old greeting cards. You can glue your old greeting cards together or use old calendar pages to wrapping paper for new gifts. They are colorful and can become attractive material for wrapping. You can wrap just about anything with them. Use them as wall paper, or wrap old furniture.

recycled paper

Fabric scrap bags

You can make fabric bags from old fabrics and place candy in them. sew it up to and tie with ribbons to make delightful fabric bags.

What you will need

  1. Old fabrics
  2. scissors
  3. pencil
  4. ruler
  5. sawing needles
  6. candy

What to do

  1. cut fabric into 11 by 7 and half inch piece.
  2. fold fabric in half and make a pocket by sewing long side and one short side. turn it inside out so the seams stay inside.
  3. place candy in it and tie with colorful ribbons


This can be a cheerful gift bag for kids at any occasion or celebration.

Recycled art and crafts for kids

Kids will have lots of fun creating art from recycled materials. It helps them to build creativity as well as make good use of their time instead of wasting time watching TV.

Recycled art ideas for kids

· Art tubes

This can be made from old paper towel tubes form your kitchen that you would usually throw away. Instead, give it to your kids, and they can turn it into art.

What is needed

  1. old paper towel roll
  2. glue
  3. pencil
  4. crayon
  5. ruler
  6. paper

What to do

  1. wrap the paper towel roll with a letter sized paper
  2. mark the overlapping paper with pencil
  3. cut out extra paper with scissors
  4. paint it with crayon and glue colorful images from old magazine


paper towel roll art

After creating this beautiful roll from old paper towel rolls, kids can use it to put their important papers inside it.

The possibilities are endless. You can turn almost everything into art. Look for ideas and things you can do. If you like working with old furniture, try repainting and reusing your old furniture, and make new stuff from them. Make modifications whenever needed to make your old stuff look good. You can try welding metal objects together and turning them into art and making sculptures. Kids can also make bird feeders form milk cartons and so on. Creating art not only helps you improve your creativity but it also satisfies you by spending quality time as well as conserving natural

Source: Environmental Professionals Network