When we are about to leave the store, the only question that we are asked is whether to settle for the plastic bag or the paper bag. depending on your choice, you will always have reasons to go with it. Some people purchase bags, so they can recycle them whereas most of them are not concerned with the material. However, as an active citizen, you must know that all of us have a responsibility to contribute to society in a positive way. This is why it is best to settle for environmentally friendly options. Because it is not only the responsibility of the government to be hands-on with regard to these efforts, everyone should know the pros and cons of using paper and plastic. Here, we will discuss the benefits of using reusable grocery bags:

1. Conserve Resources

The first and most obvious benefit of the grocery bags is, they help put a cut on the consumption of valuable resources. Not to forget, we are a consumption-oriented society, which is why we depend on the abundance of resources. Although they might seem simple, plastic bags have several disadvantages for society. Not to forget, around 12 million barrels are used to prepare them. However, if you settle for the best reusable wine bags or grocery bags, you will eventually contribute to society in a healthy way.

2. Protect Wildlife

No wonder, we as humans have caused enough damage to the wildlife across the globe. Every year, millions of fishes die away from the harmful effects of plastic on the water. More than o.1 million animal deaths occur throughout the globe annually. However, when you use the reusable bags, they can put a cut to this problem. In contrast, the plastic bags get stuck in the trees and cause damage to the small insects and animals. As a citizen, if you cannot protect the wildlife of your country, no one else will step out to become a game changer.

3. Decrease Pollution

No one can deny the fact that pollution is a rampantly thriving issue across the globe. not only does it depletes the environment but also gives birth to a plethora of diseases. the effects of plastic bags are devastating. If we begin to discuss them, words wouldn’t be enough to explain the damages that are caused. Out of the 100 billion plastic bags used in the US alone, only 1 percent are recycled. However, using recyclable bags can easily eradicate the problem of pollution. Secondly, when plastic is not recycled, it is often dumped in the rivers and on the seaside.

4. Save Money

The reusable grocery bags are cheap and can help you restrain yourself within a budget. Once purchased, you don’t need to invest in these bags again. in fact, many US stores have started to offer these bags for free. However, if you are not convinced with them, it is best to try one and see how many times you can use it. Using a reusable grocery bag can easily save a whopping $75 every  month. this means, you could use that money for some other better purpose. 

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