Outsourcing work responsibilities to virtual assistants is becoming the norm with many entrepreneurs focusing on hiring VAs instead of employing full-time in-house employees. According to a study by Global Workplace Analytics; it reported that virtual work has grown by about 216% since the year 2015. The practice rose to unprecedented levels during the coronavirus crisis that forced many to work from home. 

Working virtually is beneficial to both business owners and workers. Virtual workers tend to benefit from the flexible working hours that come with the practice as they are free to work from any location. They also get to spend more time with family members as they also don’t have to commute. Employers also get to benefit by saving costs, increasing employee retention, access to a larger talent pool, and increasing productivity.

Hiring virtual workers is never easy even for organizations with excellent reputations within their localities as it’s a totally different prospect. It’s different as it requires having the ability to attract high-quality candidates from a wider talent pool. Conducting such at a national or international level can be quite daunting. Other factors such as recruiting budgets as a company may find itself competing for top employees with other well-known organizations.  Here are some practical steps that can help with hiring remote employees;

 Have the right Communication Channels

 When considering hiring remote workers, the primary communication channels are normally phone and video interviews. As a business owner, you should have in place clear communication tools that can make the whole process much easier. You should carry out tests and ascertain that the type of tools you intend to use are ideal and can be used with ease by virtual assistants as well. 

Make use of assessment tools to help evaluate the skills and level of expertise of the candidates as that will help you make objective hiring decisions.

Identify the Best Platforms for Posting Job Ads

When considering posting a job advert, avoid settling for the one-size fits all kind of approach. Take time and explore the various remote job platforms then choose a few that are likely to get you the preferred set of candidates. Placing ads where you are likely to get more targeted applicants is vital as that brings you close to identifying highly talented candidates. 

Platforms and online communities Ecolonomics Action Team, for example, are some other key places where you are likely to get ready to hire virtual assistants with an in-depth understanding of a range of work areas. When advertising for remote job opportunities, you should also consider targeting your ads so that you only get to attract the right candidates. 

Be clear about your Needs

The role in which you are hiring should be clear as you also state all the responsibilities that the potential candidate should be able to accomplish. The role should clearly state the skill sets you are looking for and your expectations as the hiring manager or employer. When the needs are well stated, it becomes easy for only those with the set of skills to apply. 

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