Change is always hard, but most often needed.  We have decided it is important to change our name,    but it sure isn’t fun.  We want to have our community and tribe to relate broadly to the vision and dreams of the founder of the Institute of Ecolonomics, Dennis Weaver, as well as  to our current mission of enabling ecopreneurs to teach the world to feed itself.  We also want to be sensitive to another amazing entity – Worldwatch Institute, who have a program called Nourishing the Planet that has been around for a much longer period of time than Nourish the Planet.

Finally, one of the partners of Nourish the Planet, Mountain Sky Group (MSG), is no longer in business.  Unfortunately, MSG encountered some very difficult financial situations when it attempted to become a “green” real estate developer and it could not overcome the losses it encountered.  Since MSG is no longer an operating entity, the leaders of the Institute of Ecolonomics, LLC, the other owner of Nourish the Planet, L3C, have decided to abandon Nourish the Planet and to pursue its mission and additional dreams of members and the legacy of Dennis Weaver through the Center for Ecolonomic Excellence and Development, LLC.