Aquaponics may seem daunting and not the most at-home friendly project, however these systems can actually be very low maintenance and very artistic. Check out the pictures below from a little aquaponics system that one of our members, Michael Butts, has in his office. This is very cool. The system is about 22 inches long. The plants you see growing are wheatgrass. They were planted in the system 3 days before these pictures were taken. Can you say a protein smoothie grown in your office!!

There is less than one liter of water in this system.


This system is very elegant and is a perfect talking piece for an office looking for a “green,” beautiful, and practical design element for their home or office! Michael is in the process of making a slightly larger home system capable of growing herbs and small lettuces. Check back soon for these pictures and more info!!

Written by Rachel Burmeister, Internship Coordinator 2011 -2012