Enthusiasm is a strong word that has a lot of energy and excitement associated with it. If you have set your goals to achieve anything, from reaching your financial goals, to the lifestyle you want, or improve any area of your life, it always involves a great deal of enthusiasm.

How important is enthusiasm in reaching goals in your life?


On the list of things that you need to succeed in your life, enthusiasm can be placed among the top ingredients in the list. it often becomes one of the deciding factors when it comes to realizing one’s goals. For example, if you are to join a party with a group of people, you are more likely to be part of a group who are enthusiastic about the party, rather than those who do not feel the same excitement. Everyone likes to

be around people who are enthusiastic about their future and goals. People, who are enthusiastic about their goals and future, tend to be upbeat and bright. They also help others to get out of the gloomy state of mind by offering optimistic solutions or providing hope for others.

How lack of enthusiasm and motivation effect us?

Enthusiasm and motivation are promises of the future. They set your goals and determine how effectively you will accomplish your goals and how much effort you will put into attaining your goals. It often becomes one of the powerful driving forces that help you achieve your objectives.

If you have the desire to achieve something but lack the motivation, it could become very frustrating situation. Motivation comes in different forms for different people. Motivation is also a strong driving force behind our actions. For some, motivation comes from pain or pleasure. If there is very little pain involved, we tend to shift away from our goals and shift towards things that gives us pleasure.

Lack of motivation could be caused by physical pain, or mental disorders, shyness or laziness. Another great factor of motivation is the rewards. When we are rewarded for certain actions, we tend to repeat the behavior and find ourselves motivated to do that more often. On the overhand, if we are punished for doing something, it could take away our motivations. Your lack of enthusiasm and motivation can affect all aspects of your life, from jobs, relationships to your performance, and can bring unhappiness in your life.

Focusing on bigger goals will help you keep motivated

Think big, be ambitious. Focusing on your ultimate goals or objectives could motivate you to try harder. Suppose you want to become a professional athlete. To do that, you need to train hard, make sacrifices by taking time away from your other activities, and recreation, and stay on your goals. When you start out, you might find it hard to start training, or even getting up early in the morning. But, if you keep the goals in your mind, setting smaller attainable goals, and think about your end results, you will find that all falls into place, and you will have no difficulty following your routine. You will find motivation from other athletes, who are also training hard, and from those who have achieved their target.


How to stay enthusiastic and motivated about your goals


· Believe in yourself

No matter what you do, believe in yourself. Believing works like magic. It drives you to get things done and attain goals that others might feel impossible. It is important to focus on your abilities and work on your lacks that would make you ideal for achieving your goals.

· Don’t be afraid of failures

Just because you previous failures don’t let it ruin your future goals. it is important to learn from failures and have confidence in yourself that you are capable of achieving things even though you have goofed up things here and there in the past. Everyone makes mistakes, but the important thing is to learn from our mistake and keep trying in every different way till success is achieved.

· Be open to criticism

Don’t worry about what others might say about your failures. If you are shy and afraid of other people’s criticizes, you may never achieve what you want. Positive criticism could be your way of correcting yourself and it is quite healthy. Don’t let it discourage you.

· Avoid procrastination

If you want to achieve your goals and get your tasks done, do it now without delay. Don’t wait for the last minute to get things done. When you set your goals for the day, make sure you have the most important tasks at the beginning of your “things to do list,” and less important ones at the end, so you get your most important things taken care of first.

· Control stress

Stress can give rise to mental and physical disorders and take your mind away from your goals. it is very important to understand that stress is very natural part of life, and one has to learn managing stress effectively without using or becoming dependent on drugs and alcohol, or to achieve goals. Also control your anger and other strong emotions.

· Think positive

Without positive thoughts, enthusiasm cannot survive. If you are always thinking about failure, the chances are you will fail. Instead, focus on your success and think positive. However, you also need to be prepared in case something did not work right, and that is called preparing yourself for the worst, and hoping for the best.

· Be passionate about your tasks

passionateIf you want to have motivation and enthusiasm about your tasks, you need to be passionate about what you do. Your job should excite you and drive you to your goals every morning you wake up. Passion makes all things fall into place and makes all difficulties go away.

Staying enthusiastic and motivated requires regular practice and discipline. To achieve your goals in life, it is important to focus on your bigger goals, make sacrifices, and train like a professional, which often involves a lot of pain in the initial stages. However, if you are passionate about your goals and think about the end result or rewards at the end of your goal, all your pain and suffering will go away.

Source: Balanced Life Team