Here are this week’s headlines!  We’re facing a global bacon shortage, and keep an eye out for “zombees…”  I think that makes this a Zombee Aporkalypse (sorry).

Top Four Untold Pesticide Stories – In honor of the 50th anniversary of Silent Spring.

All Our Worldly Goods – an incredible photo-essay documenting the speed and depth of lifestyle/standard of living changes in China.

What Will Ice-Free Summers Bring? – Great article from Scientific American about the nature of the “known unknowns” of an ice-free arctic.  “Some ice scientists have begun to think that the Arctic might be ice-free in summer as soon as the end of this decade—leaving darker, heat-absorbing ocean waters to replace the bright white heat-reflecting sea ice. The question is: Then what happens?”

Global Bacon Shortage Unavoidable –  “Bacon and pork chops, my two favorite animals.” Homer Simpson.

Is Alzheimer’s Type 3 Diabetes? – Mark Bittman reviews newly published data linking a diet high in processed foods to the devastating brain disease.

Zombie Bees, or “Zombees” –  “It has been confirmed an amateur beekeeper in Washington state has found “zombie bees” on his property. This is the first time “zombees” have been identified in Washington state.  At first the man didn’t realize the bees were infected by the condition caused by parasitic flies, however, he collected some samples and has been tracking to see what happens. So far, he is seeing classic signs of the strange phenomenon.”