Uncle Benny’s Building Supply, located in Loveland, CO., has a novel business plan when it comes to the home improvement and construction world. Without visiting them you may be tempted to write them off as some sort of pick-and-pull used supply lot. However step into the wonderland that is Uncle Benny’s and you will swiftly see this is plainly not the case. They say they’ve been “Salvaging Since 1995” and they really have. Uncle Benny’s strives to be as sustainable as possible. They’re goals as a company are to:

  • To maintain the highest quality standards for our products.
  • To provide the best customer service possible.
  • To promote recycling and environmentally friendly practices that support our community.

These goals are being met everyday. They have a massive inventory of both new and used materials waiting to be re-purposed. Thrifty shoppers can find brand new doors, fixtures, and other building supplies for a fraction of the price of big box retailers or fabricators. Much of the new materials Uncle Benny’s uses are contractor overages, big store overstocks, mis-orders, and scratch & dent lots from other job sites. These materials would typically go straight in the dumpster. However with a retailer like Uncle Benny’s in the area, contractors and residents doing local home improvement can sell these supplies and these can then go on to other uses instead of the dump.

Uncle Benny’s is especially known for its specialty doors. They often get speciality crafted doors that are subsequently rejected by homeowners who decide to go in a different direction. These masterpieces are then sent off to find new homes at Uncle Benny’s. They have custom door shop on site where they can find just the right door you your home that you can feel sustainably satisfied with.

They also carry GreenSheen Paint, a paint company out of Cenntenial, Colorado that takes old leftover paint and recycles it into brand new paint in a variety of vibrant colors. Through this process they create a new environmentally friendly product out of a potentially toxic waste that would otherwise go into a hazardous material landfill.

Overall Uncle Benny’s Building Supply really does have “over an acre of bargains,” but even better these are bargains that you can feel great about, knowing you are being earth friendly!

If you want to learn more and hear from Uncle Benny himself, please sign up now for our FREE webinar with the folks at Uncle Benny’s! The webinar is this Tuesday, July 31st at 7:00 pm MST. Sign up now: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/164698096

Written by Savannah Miller, Marketing and Events Coordinator