Did you know that Colorado actually has some of the greatest job growth prospects in the country? This fact makes it clear that CO is a great place for new businesses to emerge, but, which branches are the best option?

It’s no secret that Colorado views the environment as one of the top priorities, which is why there is a huge number of local companies that are heavily focused on sustainability. That being said, in this article, we are going to discuss some of the top sustainable businesses in Colorado in order to paint a larger picture of how Colorado tackles sustainability. 

Agribotix LLC

Agribotix was launched in Boulder in 2013, making it a relatively new business, and yet an extremely successful one. They have developed a software platform that’s able to provide cloud-based data, as well as analysis for precision agriculture. The way in which they obtain data is with drones, with the help of near-infrared image processing. This way, they analyze crop health and proceed to merge collected data into a ‘geo-referenced mosaic’ that helps a lot when it comes to sustainable agricultural practices.

Agrobotix advocates not only for more efficient and sustainable agricultural practices, but also for the more responsible employment of drones for collecting geodata.

Thinking about opening your own business like this?

Due to the fact that it is a common theme among a majority of the businesses that we are going to cover, let’s talk a bit about the business structure that goes into starting your own. You might notice the LLC part, and, as experts on starting an LLC in Colorado explain that choosing LLC over a company is a great thing to do for new, smaller businesses. The reason for this is greater flexibility, as well as limited liability, which is quite important for making sure that your personal finances don’t mix with your business – so, that’s something to have in mind.


Sunrun is extremely popular, in fact, it is the nation’s largest residential service company regarding solar energy and its storage. Sunrun advocates to make solar energy affordable for everyone by helping people to upgrade their homes to solar energy, ensuring that there are no big upfront costs.

Simple Energy

There are a lot of energy-saving products in the marketplace, and every now and then, we see more and more of them emerging. Simple Energy’s mission is to help consumers by rebating them for purchasing products and services that are more sustainable. They also go on to provide an entire dashboard with a lot of useful energy insights, rewards for consumers, as well as extensive recommendations for all of the in-home products that can be replaced. 

Wunder Capital

Wunder Capitals understands and embraces the fact that renewable energy is the future, and they help push different aspects toward a more sustainable future with an online investment and solar project management portal. This portal provides various businesses, nonprofits, and the overall community with various solar projects helping them with the financing they need. This way they are also providing investors the opportunity to invest in businesses that are fighting for more sustainable options.

While all of these businesses are different, all of them have at least one thing in common – a brighter, greener future. As time passes, more and more businesses are leaning toward this same goal, and if this trend continues to rise, all of us are going to reap the benefits!

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