Here are the headlines for this week!  This drought continues to be big news, as does the impact of warmer temps across the globe.  Send us news you’re spotting and, as always, feel free to comment.

Hundred-Year Forecast: Drought – “Until recently, many scientists spoke of climate change mainly as a “threat,” sometime in the future. But it is increasingly clear that we already live in the era of human-induced climate change, with a growing frequency of weather and climate extremes like heat waves, droughts, floods and fires.”  Climate change is now!  How resilient are you?

Arctic Sea Ice Disappearing 50% Faster than Predicted – “This rate of loss is 50% higher than most scenarios outlined by polar scientists and suggests that global warming, triggered by rising greenhouse gas emissions, is beginning to have a major impact on the region. In a few years the Arctic ocean could be free of ice in summer, triggering a rush to exploit its fish stocks, oil, minerals and sea routes.”  Wow.  So the results of our ruthless exploitation of this planet will be responded to with even more exploitation?  Great plan.

Here’s further discussion of the Arctic Ice situation.

Drought Sends Mississippi River into Uncharted Territory – I just heard a joke the other day about how Missouri has more beaches than Florida right now from the all the low rivers and drying lakes…

In Drought Stricken Wisconsin, Farmers Helping Farmers – “In central Wisconsin, potatoes, sweet corn, beans and peas are grown with the help of irrigation, harvested in July and early August, and then the fields normally sit idle until a new crop of vegetables is planted in the fall. But this year, farmers from that part of the state are planting an extra crop of grass to be used as feed by their drought-affected neighbors.”