Take a look at the highlights from Nourish The Planet and around the web this week:

Get Used to ‘Extreme’ Weather, it’s the New Normal – After this year’s summer full of extreme weather events, expect more of the same for years to come.

Why Is Climate Change So Easy to Ignore? – With climate change becoming ever more apparent in our lives (extreme weather events, melting ice caps), why is no one paying attention?

Pondering the Path To an Open Polar Sea – Andrew Revkin of Dot Earth examines the trends of the rapidly disappearing polar sea ice.

How to Survive Mass Extinction – Don’t bother stocking up on guns or turning your house into a fortress. Here are the real ways to survive.

National Park Service Defends Refusal To Use Wolves To Control Elk Population At Rocky Mountain National Park – While many have advocated reintroducing wolves to cut down on the elk population, the National Parks Service cites concerns.

Climate Change: What the Presidential Candidates Don’t Want to Talk About This Election – Could it be that despite one of the hottest summers on record, droughts, wildfires and rising food prices, no-one really wants to talk about climate change? Timon Singh of Inhabitat explains.

Countdown to Celebrate Sustainability! – Local? Check out Nourish The Planet’s very own event celebrating all things sustainable!

America’s Greenest Presidents – What do Theodore Roosevelt, Richard M. Nixon and Jimmy Carter have in common? They are viewed as environmentally progressive presidents. Who else made the list?

Pro Sports Go Green. Do Fans Care? – With major sports in America becoming more and more energy efficient, will their efforts rub off on their fans?

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-Savannah Miller