Take a look at the highlights from Nourish The Planet and around the web this week:

The Mattapan Mobile Farmstand Uses Pedal-Power To Bring the Farmers Market To Your Door – This bike allows farmers to bring produce to you without a huge truck or any carbon emissions!

$6 Gas and Why We Can’t Let GM Fail – Shaahin Cheyene of Accelerated Intelligence, Inc. gives you his view of his new Chevy Volt and why electric cars should be our future (they’re already our past).

A Bad Harvest, Rising Prices … Isn’t It Time To Change The Way Food Is Done? – Mike Small of The Guardian gives his take on why the way we do food production has got to change.

SXSW Eco: Searching for a New Environmentalism – “BBQ, Hipster Honkey-Tonk,” and Environmentalism’s new direction.

Paul Ryan vs. Joe Biden: The VP Debate Tackles “Green Pork,” Oil, & Solyndra – Last night’s Vice Presidential debates briefly touched upon America’s energy issues, but still no mention of climate change.

Should Belugas Swim Wild and Free? – The Georgia Aquarium has proposed to take 18 wild belugas for the purpose of breeding and display at aquariums around the country. Should this happen?

Photos: Seed Diversity: A Global Route To Food Security? – Look at these compelling photos of proponents for seed diversity in their daily lives.

Be sure to check back next week and have a happy Friday from everyone here at Nourish The Planet!

-Savannah Miller