Take a look at the highlights from Nourish The Planet and around the web this week:

The Strangely True Tale Of Johnny Appleseed – The Johnny Appleseed story may be one of legend but it is also one of truth.

Obama and Romney, Oil and Science – Andrew Revkin of Dot Earth talks about the Second Presidential Debates mention of gas prices and the President’s lack of ability to do anything about them.

Colorado Goes Fracking Free: We Have the Power – Mariel Hemingway of The Guardian gives her plea for Colorado to go “Frack Free.”

Antarctic Ozone Hole Is The Second Smallest It’s Been In 20 Years – Our warm year in the arctic has caused the ozone hole to shrink, but how long will it take to disappear?

Sweden Plans to Import 800,000 Tons of Garbage Each Year – Sweden is importing trash and getting paid for it, both in energy and in cash!

An Airline Fleet Fueled by Natural Gas – Qatar is putting their massive reserves of natural gas to use and have developed a method of converting natural gas into liquid airline fuel.

Vital Farms: Raising the Ultra-Organic Egg – Vital Farms is raising chickens and eggs the right way!

Electric-Car Maker Tesla Bucks Traditional Dealership Network – Tesla is going against the grain and setting up their own stores to fully promote their electric cars.

Be sure to check back next week and have a happy Friday from everyone here at Nourish The Planet!

-Savannah Miller