Take a look at the highlights from Nourish The Planet and around the web this week:

Debating the Facts on ‘Green Energy’ – Andrew C. Revkin gives you the facts and fact check surrounding the presidential candidate’s brief mention of green energy.

Intern Profile: Lauren Staley – Meet our newest Fisheries Intern, Lauren Staley!

Video: Dramatic Fall in Great Barrier Reef Coral Cover – Scientists are scrambling to decide the best course of action to help the Great Barrier Reef weather multiple sources of environmental stress.

UK Scientists Developing Autonomous Flying Honey Bee Robots! – Could this be the solution to the Zombie Bee epidemic?

A Tug of War Over Solar Tariffs – The U.S. case against cheap Chinese subsidized solar panels had its final hearing at the International Trade Commission this week.

Urban Farming for Cynics – If urban farming isn’t the solution, then what is it?

Pesticide Use Proliferating With GMO Crops, Study Warns – The combination of pesticides and GMO seeds have created “superweeds” resistant to both. What does this mean for our health?

Why is it So Hard For Pandas to Get Pregnant? – With wild Panda populations decreasing, captive breeding programs may be their best bet. However it certainly isn’t as easy as it looks…

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-Savannah Miller