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Blog Highlights from 4/13/2014 – 4/19/2014


Business lobbying on climate change is ‘a murmur and not a message’

A coalition including IKEA, Mars and eBay is lobbying US government for regulation to curb climate change. But for Washington to listen, businesses must make it a core issue

Low-cost solar heating

Solar hydronic systems don’t have to be complex and expensive. Chris Hooley describes his simple and low-cost solar hydronic heater.

Pressed metal ceilings

Installing pressed metal ceilings in the house. Great innovative remodeling ideas.

Thin is in, as always, but recent breakthroughs in printed and flexible electronics herald a whole new age of gadgets, imaging devices and user interfaces.

Watch Replay of Our Bi-Weekly Huddle Webinar

Here at the Center of Ecolonomic Excellence and Development (CEED) and Nourish the Planet (NTP) we are excited to be doing daytime “huddles” for our staff, interns, alumni and guests every FIRST and THIRD Wednesday of every month.

Dr. Wayne Dorband discussed the Healthy Ecolonomic Life Program or HELP. This program shows you how you can change your life primarily through your diet and exercise, enabling you to live a life where you are happy, healthy, productive and more efficient.

Our facilitator, Dr. Wayne Dorband, has directed our operations from the start and knows more about our efforts than anyone. He will seek the thoughts of other staff throughout the Huddle.


Find Meetup in your area 4/20/14 – 4/26/14


 Let’s Start Gardening Regularly! – Berthoud Urban Farm @ Grace Place (Berthoud, CO)

The hooped bed is growing beets, carrots, lettuces, turnips. The seed starts at NTP warehouse are taking off.  Let’s start meeting regularly on Monday nights at 6 PM till dark out on the acreage at Grace Place.

Discuss environmental restoration. – Newopolis – Broomfield Sustainability Meetup (Broomfield, CO)

Come find out about the Newopolis vision for the future of mankind. We’ll be meeting by to pool fireplace.

Invincible Heart Creativity Collective of Colorado Springs (Colorado Springs, CO)

 This is a place for fun, wild, and beautifully creative souls! Do you love art, trying new techniques? Do you believe in fairies, silly hats, wearing tutus and tea parties? We want you! Join us for fun

Dances of Universal Peace Boulder – Denver – Front Range

Front Range Meetup site, offering opportunities to experience the Dances of Universal Peace on the Front Range.  These dances are ongoing, with between 20 and 50+ people gathering at each event, regardless of how many people sign up through

Promising Alternative Sources of Clean Energy

Renewable energy is a form of energy produced from natural sources that are continually replenished, environmentally sustainable and economically viable. Wind turbines and solar panels have proven to be promising sources of renewable energy. Wind powered generators are becoming increasingly popular in the United States. Last January, wind power contributed to over 4% of US electricity. Only a few years ago, people were not so sure about wind powered generators.


Tips on Cattle Management and Livestock Health

Usually when you have a large number of animals in your herd, it is quite difficult to take care of individual animals. Nonetheless, every animal in your herd is important, and if one animal is suffering from a disease, it could easily affect the whole herd. Therefore, to keep your cattle healthy cattle management is very important.

What Affects Animal Health


Some Livestock Fatal Diseases Symptoms

Raising your livestock and keeping them healthy is a challenging task. It needs a lot of hard work, dedication, patience and knowledge about your livestock. Your livestock’s health depends on factors such as feeding the animals a proper diet and regularly monitoring and isolating the sick animals form the rest of the herd. Swiftly taking action to ensure disease control and cure could mean the difference between life and death for your livestock

In this article, we are going to discuss some fatal illnesses that could be present amongst your livestock that require early detection and quick action in order to keep your animals healthy, as well as keeping the diseases from spreading to the healthy animals. It is also recommended that you notify your local animal health authorities if you suspect that your animals have any of the diseases mentioned below.

Bird flu


Bird flu, also known as avian influenza, is a fatal, communicative disease among many species of birds. There are two types of viruses responsible for this disease’s ability to spread and, because of this, bird flu has been categorized as low pathogenic avian influenza and highly pathogenic avian.