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Here at the Center for Ecolonomic Excellence and Development (CEED) and Nourish the Planet (NTP) we are excited HuddleSmallto be doing daytime “Huddles” for our staff, interns, alumni and guests every FIRST and THIRD Wednesday of every month.

Our next live webinar will be held on the 3rd  June, 2015, at 01:00 PM. It will be live for our audience at the NTT/CEED headquarters and also over the web.

We will be joined by our webinar guest, Sara Mayer, who was known as the “Chicken Woman” to her teacher in elementary school. By the age of fifteen she had 200+ chickens and was selling fresh eggs at the local farmer’s markets.

Now, she has a degree in Animal Science and Agricultural Business, from the Colorado State University. and in her own words “I want nothing more than to live the American Dream. I want to wake up every morning with the satisfaction that I am doing what I love and what I am good at.”

Please register and join us for the live webinar. We will be chatting with Sara and learn about chicken farming. This link will take you to the registration page.

Even if you cannot attend live, you should register because then you can watch the replay later. Please join us for an informative interview with Sara Mayer! 

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Introduction to CEED/NTP

Chances are if you’ve found Nourish the Planet, it’s because you’re asking some big questions.  Questions like:  How do we feed 8 billion people by 2030?  How can we heal a broken economic system?  How can we live sustainably on a planet with fewer and fewer resources?  What can I do about it?


We think there’s a fundamental and elegant answer to these questions – sustainable agriculture.  Or more simply put, food.  At Nourish the Planet, we are pioneering low-tech, replicable, sustainable methods for all types of food production.  Our team is constantly developing new and exciting innovations in the realm of sustainable agriculture. Our two campuses have greenhouses, converted warehouses, pastures, farm fields, urban lots, and other infrastructure that are used to test these new innovations and to improve methods. Our focus is in aquaponics, aquaculture, vermiculture and sustainable ranching; but our larger vision is to produce food in a way that is environmentally nurturing and economically sound.

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Living Essentials CSA

Nourish the Planet is starting a new CSA in the Northern Colorado area. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture and provides local consumers with a direct connection to the farm that produces their food. Read more…

HOPE for the Hopeless

If we are going to enable ecopreneurs to Teach the World to Feed Itself, we have to provide opportunities to teach. One dollar out of every four that is generated by NTP’s Programs will go to our HOPE (Helping Other People Ecolonomically) for the Hopeless program where we help local community groups and distant hungry people groups to learn how to feed themselves. Read more…

BEST of the Best Program

Nourish the Planet is launching a business accelerator that will change the face of education and ecopreneurship. We call it The Best of the BEST (Best Ecolonomic Student Training) Entrepreneurial Program (BOTB). These fellows will embark on an intensive one year program with the goal of having a cash flowing, low-tech green business upon completion. Read more…

FREE Webinar Hangout “Huddle” Replays

Watch the Most recent NTP/CEED Bimonthly Huddle Replays here.

Even if you cannot be with our live audience, you should register because then you can watch the replay later. Please follow this link to register and join our FREE huddle webinar, what promises to be a fun packed informative hour for free. You can be in our live audience at the CEED headquarters, or view it live over the web. You will be able to ask questions and interact live with the presenters using the chat box provided.

Taber Ward

Taber Ward, founder and Executive Director of Mountain Flower Dairy, talks about Mountain Flower’s daily operations, employee supervision, herd-health, food safety protocol, volunteer and intern program, milk shares and education programs.

Elizabeth Folgen

Elizabeth Folgen, of Red Rhino Designs, shared with us the difficulties of conservation in Southern Africa and how her company helps to raise money to support the work of Lapalala Wilderness School.

Cheryl Coates

Cheryl Coates, of Tiny Diamond Homes, joined us to talk about the growing tiny home movement.



Learn to feed yourselves!

We are launching our Sustainable Agriculture Education Program. Visit and sign up for more information.

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