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Blog Highlights – 11/17/14

environmental blogBest Free Environmental Apps : The Environmental Blog

A hand picked list of our favorite free environmental apps for green minded individuals on the go for iPhones from the iTunes App Store.

environmental 2Solar Power: Disruptive Innovation in the Global Energy Market : The Environmental Blog

Solar Power: Disruptive Innovation in the Global Energy Market – How solar can disrupt the world’s power market today and in the future.

3What’s going to happen to all those glass towers? : TreeHugger

Lloyd Alter talks about glass walls  and radiator fin balconies, and why in fifteen or twenty years there may be a big bill to pay.


whale poopSave the Whales, Save the Poop : Discovery News

It wasn’t long ago that researchers first confirmed that whales contributed to ocean ecology even after death. Need another reason to save the whales? How about this: Their poop feeds the ocean.

Abandoned Oil BarrelsWhat plummeting oil prices mean for renewable energy | Guardian Sustainable Business | The Guardian

Lower fossil fuel prices have historically thrashed solar, wind and biomass markets. So why are clean energy companies unconcerned about the current trend?


5 Expert tips on Raising Emotionally Strong Childr...

boys-286245_1280As soon as a child is born, our lives change in so many ways. In most cases, our life becomes centered around the newborn baby. When raising healthy children, it becomes our top priority to ensure that they are raised with maximum care, support and facilities that we could possibly provide them. When raising a healthy child, it is not enough just to raise a physically healthy child, but we should also think about ways to make the child emotionally healthy as well.

Cause of Unseasonably Cold Weather in the United S...

220px-CathedralofLearningLawinWinterIt is still a month before winter officially starts, and yet, the majority of the United States is being covered with a thick blanket of snow. Temperatures are dropping in many parts of the country which is quite abnormal for this time of the year. According to experts, it is not only the infamous polar vortex that caused us to shiver last January, that’s causing this current unseasonable cold weather system.

Integrated Fish Farming & Benefits of Polycul...

scenic-183525_1280Integrated fish farming is a process of farming where you produce fish in combination with other farm products and livestock, centered around the fish farm. The system links each of the involved sub-systems in it, such as fish, crops, and livestock, in such a way that the waste or byproduct from one sub-system can be used as an input for the next system. An integrated agriculture system can ensure the maximum utilization of all resources, such as land, water and feed, and also minimizes waste. Having several types of crops on the same farmland is often referred to as polyculture. Though polyculture often requires more labor, it has several advantages over monoculture.

Starting as a Green Construction Intern – Dr...

650px-Ivanpah_SEGS_(2)The second week at Mountain Sky Ranch has been both eventful and time consuming. I, along with my co-worker Asher, have been delegated to think of a plan to sort the items on the Ranch that do not have a home. This will not be completed overnight, seeing as though this pile of “stuff” reaches almost a half of an acre in volume and it are Dr. Wayne Dorband’s coveted items collected all throughout his professional life. Grouping things together will be an effective solution, as I will be going back and forth from this pile of lost items, recreating old systems and practicing green construction.

Cattle Management -5 Tips for Winter | Sustainable...

animal-278869_1280Weather is always a big factor while raising animals on your farm. Currently, the dropping temperature and cold related stress could make your animals vulnerable to diseases. Dropping temperature, wet ground, along with the wind chill make it challenging for cattle farmers to raise a healthy herd.On top of that, you might have frozen water and pastures making food and water scarce for the animals. At this time of year, you should take special care of your animals, especially the young ones, because they rely on you for protection. Below are some tips on winter cattle management to reduce cold related stress among animals.