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Find your people – Meetup 7/20/14


sierra clubGateway Natural Area Hike (Fort Collins) – Sierra Club RMC (Denver, CO) – Meetup

“Sign up on our webpage. Review and sign the liability waiver. We will also have copies at the beginning of the trip. Discover the Gateway Natural Area with the Poudre Canyon Sierra Club group.

Loveland Ladies for Fitness & Friendship (Loveland, CO)

This is a group for ladies interested in fitness activities such as walking, hiking, and biking. All skills levels are welcome. I started this group to meet other Loveland ladies for some outdoor fun and to help motivate each other to stay fit and active.


Boulder Sustainable Energy Network (Boulder, CO)

The Boulder Sustainable Energy Network is Colorado professionals who are passionate about working towards a sustainable energy future.

Stir Loveland Young Professionals (Loveland, CO)

“Stir Loveland is a northern Colorado connection forum for young professionals, by young professionals. As a part of the Loveland Chamber of Commerce, we strive to create a comfortable atmosphere where…..”

Northern Colorado Adventurers (Greeley, CO)

*** Membership to NCA is now open! Please read all of the details below before applying for a membership. 2 Simple steps to become a member:…

Third World – Population Growth Urbanization...

cottages-472_1280Most of the world’s population resides in – and the overwhelming percentage of that population’s growth occurs in the Third World. The third world has an incredibly diverse population and culture. You can see a drastic change in culture, lifestyle, and living habits if you compare the population of the Central American and South American continents, to the Asian and African countries, which all happen to be part of the third world. Apart from the Soviet Union, China, Japan, Australia and New Zealand, the majority of these Third World countries are in complete poverty.

Parenting Tips – 10 Things First Time Parent...

baby-17327_1920It’s not easy being a parent, especially if you are going to be a parent for the first time. Becoming a parent is full of surprises, and no one can prepare enough for the newborn to arrive. You have probably gathered information about parenting from articles, blogs, and books or parenting forums, and you would still be filled with anxiety before giving birth to a child. Anxiety is natural before pregnancy, but for some, becoming pregnant isn’t so easy. Before you decide to conceive a child, give yourself some extra time. Try to relax and make yourself cool, calm and collected, because becoming a parent isn’t going to be a bed of roses.

5 Green Habits That Your Family Can Share With You

berry-197078We all want to do our share in reducing the negative impacts on the globe and reducing our carbon footprints. When it comes to making this world greener and safer for your kids, you should let your whole family participate in your green crusade to save the world. There are really simple lifestyle changes that can make a huge difference. Living a sustainable life is really simple. All you need to do is pay attention to the little things that you do and use around the house every day. Shifting towards sustainability requires adopting sustainable habits and shifting towards greener eco-friendly products. Your children can help reduce carbon footprint, save energy and resource wastage, and reduce general negative impacts on the environment.

5 Quick Sustainable Breakfast Ideas That You’ll Lo...

breakfast_eggs_bacon_1566743_oBreakfast is the most important meal of the day. To live a healthy life, you should never skip breakfast. Instead of buying your breakfast on the go, you can easily prepare your breakfast in the morning with simple ingredients, which is easy to prepare, healthy and the best part is you could promote sustainability with what you eat. We can really help to save our planet and reduce our carbon foot print by eating sustainable food.

The Third World Challenges & Struggle

manta-91745_1280As you get up and get ready to go to work in the morning, do you ever look around and feel grateful for running water,a power supply and air conditioning in your room that kept you cool? You may never worry about how many people in the world are suffering right now for lack of sufficient clean water, proper sanitation, healthcare facilities and lack of other basic needs such as food and proper housing. Those of us living in the first world, often take these modern day facilities for granted.Having grown up in a third world country myself, it makes me realize that these resources are not limitless.