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Meetups – Find Your People – 9/28/14

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meetup1Anthro-Earth Adventures (Portland, OR)

This is a fun, humorous, adventurous group who is also showing their concern for the environment. I’ve written and made documentaries about climate change since 1988 and Anthro-Earth is my own term to

 meetup sierra clubSierra Club, Arizona’s Grand Canyon Chapter (Phoenix, AZ)

The Grand Canyon Chapter IS the Arizona State Chapter of the Sierra Club. The mission of the Sierra Club is simple:

meetup4The ‘Natural’ Connection Adventure Group (Vancouver, BC)

I’ve started this adventure group as a way to get new people together to see some parts of the lower mainland they wouldn’t normally see, or at least haven’t seen lately. I am also an advocate for environmental…

meetup5Boston International Volunteers (Boston, MA)

Description: This group was initiated to encourage more folks to explore responsible travel opportunities, connect with like-minded members, and ultimately get out on the road to their next adventure! Absolutely a

meetup6UofC Outdoor Adventurers (UCOA) (Calgary, AB)

We are a group of students who decided to create an active outdoor club at the University of Calgary. We go out in the mountains as often as possible and share our love for sport in nature, wilderness

Motivate your Children to Get Physically Active

children playWhen we were children, we spent more time playing outside or interacting with other children. We played more often, and took part in physical activities, rather than watching TV, and back then, no one ever heard of a computer or a mobile phone. For me, riding my bike and playing soccer, badminton, cricket (which is similar to baseball), and board games with my friends were common activities. Playing games with other children in the neighborhood was a regular activity for us, and when we got bored, we would read a good book.

The Disease Fighting Traits of Traditional Chinese...

blanced dietTraditional Chinese meals are made with boiled green vegetables, seaweed, and plenty of other plant-based food, and very little animal-based proteins. It also has spices and fish-based proteins that are made not only to provide energy, but often made to fight diseases. Ancient Chinese medicine practitioners believed that food does more than fill you up; it also helps you to stay healthy. Chinese food is often made to balance your body temperature and target specific areas of health concerns that are gradually made better with food. They also believe that eating spices and roots provide remedies for their various types of illnesses.

5 Must-Know Health & Fitness Tips for Fall

prepare for fallWith the weather getting cooler, there are a few things you need to change in your lifestyle to stay healthy. As the days get cooler, you will be spending more time indoors. You will also have to dress with warmer clothes, during the morning and afternoon hours especially. There are also many healthy habits that you and your family need to follow to stay safe and healthy this fall.

The Environmental Impacts of Using Paper

paperTake a moment and look around you. You’ll see that there are a lot of things made out of paper. Paper is used for various purposes in our everyday lives. We use paper for storing information, printing books, newspapers, and magazines. Students buy books and notebooks in order to attend their classes. Each year, more than 2 billion books, 350 million magazines, and 24 billion newspapers are published (Frequent Questions | Paper Recycling | US EPA). We also use paper in our kitchen, bathroom, cars, and as packaging materials. According to the recyclopedia data, each person uses about 749 pounds of paper each year in the United States.