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Meetups – Find Your People – 10/27/14

meetup1Nature Time! For Bay Area Outdoorsy Kids (Dublin, CA)

Who: Parents with preschool to early elementary-age children (primarily age 4-8, but older and younger welcome) What: Exploration… outside playtime… park play… nature walks… museums, zoos, aquariums

 meetup2Atlanta Naturals – Natural Hair Support Group (Atlanta, GA) 

Atlanta’s Natural Hair Support Group! Meet with other local black women and men in Atlanta, Georgia who choose to wear their hair natural. Gather to commune and support one another on this journey of elaxer-free hair!

 meetup3Christ in Nature (Albuquerque, NM)

The purpose of this group is to get out and praise God in a more natural setting.  We build elaborate cathedrals and buildings to praise God, but he already built the most beautiful cathedrals out in nature.

meetup 4Naturalist For You – Nature Tours in California & Beyond (Orange, CA)

CLICK HERE TO DONATE: Your fun source for interpretive nature tours, including hiking, walking, wet ‘n’ wild, waterfalls, plant & wildlife identification, foraging, birding, photography, national forest

meetup 5Toronto Nature Lovers (Toronto, ON)

Welcome to the Toronto Nature Lovers If you are a nature lover who wants to get out with like-minded people for a day of adventure and fun while seeing and learning about nature. Then this is the group..

Understanding Water Quality for Aquaculture

pondWe have been discussing the basics of aquaculture fish farming on our site. In our previous blog, titled Simple Aquaculture Methods – A Guide to Fish Farming we started giving you tips on how to start your own fish farm which could be a profitable way to generate a steady income all year round, right from your home or from any commercial sized pond that you own. In this blog, we’ll discuss some of the factors involving water quality for your fish farm, and also the various types of fish suitable for your region, as a continuation of our fish farming tips and advice.

Holistic Medicine & Natural Health Practition...

alone-62253_1280Holistic medicine is a field of alternative medicine practices where the focus is placed on the patient as a whole. The concept of “whole person” in Holistic Medicine and Natural Health Practices comes from the idea that a person’s body, mind, spirit and emotions are all interlinked, and to achieve optimal health and wellness, all aspects of health should be considered and a proper balance between physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health has to be achieved. To achieve good health, we must practice all healthy habits, including proper diet, exercise, rest, and a social balance.

Leading Cattle in Pasture & Rotational Grazin...

agriculture-21592_1280Learning animal behavior can make it a lot easier for ranchers and animal handlers to guide cattle in the desired pasture areas in a stress-free way. Grazing your cattle in rotations on different pastures will allow your pasture grass to grow and recover. We know from our previous blogs that you have to get familiar with your animals before they can fully trust you, and let you into their comfort zone in order to lead them to various different pastures. When animals trust you enough to let you come into their comfort zone or flight zone, cattle handling will become much easier and safer. In this blog, we will continue with our animal handling tips, and Recommended Livestock Safety & Handling Tips.

Effects of Climate change on our Health and Wellbe...

forest-fire-62971_1280Weather and climate play a significant role in people’s health. Changes in global climate can affect the weather of a given area, changing the patterns and weather conditions to which people are used to. This can affect their health, immune system, and put on an extra stress on their physical conditions. People with existing health conditions, elderly and children are most vulnerable to unstable weather patterns and extreme heat and cold. Weather also affects crop yields and livestock growth, food production, and storage of food.

A Beginner’s Guide to Money Management

team-440139_1280It’s not how much you make, but it’s how well you manage your money that brings you prosperity and happiness in life. Most of us think that the more money we earn, the happier we’ll be. However, it’s not true. It’s not only how much money you earn that matters, but it’s also how you spend it. It’s important to earn money, but it’s more important to learn what to do with your money. As we all know the famous quote “Too many people spend money they earned…to buy things they don’t want…to impress people that they don’t like.” – Will Rogers. So let’s look at some tips on managing your money so that you’ll have a better, happier future.