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Blog Highlights – 12/15/14

TrolliedBBC, ITV and Sky get green kick up the arts with new sustainability mark | Guardian Sustainable Business | The Guardian

The albert+ scheme asks TV productions to address sustainability challenges. Programmes that address key issues will display logo in their credits

normal_see_change_blog3 Elements to Improve Your Company’s Transparency Efforts and Drive Performance – Blog | SustainAbility

SustainAbility’s latest research, See Change: How Transparency Drives Performance, launches today

logoMassive Appropriations Bill Nears the Finish Line | National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition

The House of Representatives approved the government spending bill for 2015 last night by the relatively close final tally of 219-206 after a day of high drama over the deal negotiated by House Republicans

Eco-Friendly Gift Guide | Sustainable America2101315962_2d28ca0787_o

Looking for the perfect gifts for the sustainability-minded folks on your list? We’ve put together eco-friendly gift ideas for just about everyone.

donate01Where to Donate? 10 High-Impact Environmental Charities with Integrity | Eartheasy Blog

How to make sure your money goes to the cause, and not to “administrative” costs.

Homestead for Christmas – Raising & Caring fo...

spesenroth-105105_1280Christmas is a very special time of year when friends and family spend time together. Make this Christmas a special one by trying something different; start your own home based farm.

Raising livestock at home can become a source of food and extra income for you and your family. Even if you live in the city, urban farming can be a solution for producing extra food from home.

Watch Replay of the NTP/CEED Biweekly Huddle Hango...

We’re delighted that we were joined by Russ Biaggne at our bi-weekly Huddle/ Webinar. Russ owns a sustainable cleaning business, Selway Services, and lives a sustainable lifestyle.

4 Ways to Make it a Green Christmas This Year

background-314438_1280Merry Christmas everyone! Hope this year you will have a Christmas filled with joy. This is the time of year when you decorate your house, buy gifts and invite your friends and family over for a Christmas dinner. The festival of Christmas is all about giving and sharing, no matter how little we have. The greatest gift you can give someone is the gift of happiness, and sustainability. You can really get creative and encourage others to become more environmentally conscious with green gifts. If we all could make this Christmas a Green Christmas, it would be the greatest gift we can give to the planet.

Fish-Based Traditional Christmas Dinner Recipes

large_4387804393Christmas always brings joy to families, not only in the United States, but also around the world. However, Christmas is celebrated slightly differently in different parts of the world. A traditional Christmas dinner here in the United States is turkey, with stuffing, roast potatoes, and gravy; we are all familiar with that.

Relationship between Ecology, Economics & Hum...

evolution-24560_1280The biggest mystery to biologists and Human Evolution scientists today still remains – how did life begin on this planet? And, how did we evolve and become human beings in the form that we are in today? How far can we evolve and when will it all end? Although there have been several theories, nothing can be said with certainty. Most scientists, however, do agree that there is a correlation between human evolution, environment, and ecology.