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Blog Highlights – 10/19/14

amazon forestAmazon deforestation picking up pace, satellite data reveals | Environment | The Guardian

Data indicates 190% rise in land clearance in August and September compared with same period last year

S. Korean researchers collect meteorites in AntarcticaClimate change: it’s only human to exaggerate, but science itself does not

To exaggerate is human, and scientists are human. Exaggeration and the complementary art of simplification are the basic rhetorical tools of human intercourse. So yes, scientists do exaggerate. So do politicians…

uao-urban-architecture-office-science-hills-komatsu-designboom-05.jpg.662x0_q100_crop-scaleGreen roofs are changing architecture: The Science Hills of Komatsu : TreeHugger

Strange things happen when roofs touch the ground.

solar panel New Solar Battery Could Generate Cheaper Clean Energy

Researchers have developed a solar battery that could increase the efficiency of solar panels while decreasing their cost.

gardening-benefits016 Unexpected Health Benefits of Gardening | Eartheasy Blog

Sure, that succulent produce improves your diet by leaps and bounds… But your endless labor of love may also strengthen you in some surprising ways.

8 Foods for Married Couples to Get in the Mood

parentsYou’d be surprised to know how food can get you into the mood and even enhance your libido. “The link between food and sex drive isn’t just wishful thinking” says Cynthia Sass, RD. You can easily bring the romance and sizzle back into your married life with some hot and spicy food. What we eat and how we live has a strong influence on our everyday life. If your sex life is lacking some spark, you could surely spice things up with some supercharged love food. Good food will also help couples to stay healthier, drop pounds, and enhance overall fitness. The key to a better love life is better health. It actually helps you to stay healthier throughout your old age. Eating right and regular exercising will improve your blood circulation, keep you fit, and also improve your love life.

Sustainability & Ecological Footprint – How W...

warsaw-483595_1280Most of us know or have an idea of what sustainability means theoretically, but do we always practice sustainability in our daily lifestyle? It just takes a few adjustments in our day to make a shift towards sustainability and reduce our ecological footprints on the globe. We will discuss here what we mean by ecological footprint, and acting responsibly in our daily lives to progress towards a sustainable future. We cannot blame the government or corporations, when corporations and government organizations are here to serve individuals. There is a whole lot we can do to influence how we are governed or how corporations operate. Our future is designed, equipped and governed by the ideas of every one of us, and empowered by the choices that we make in our everyday lives and through our lifestyles.

10 Facts about World Hunger & Poverty

corn-65304_1280World hunger and poverty are serious problems around the globe. It has been estimated that the world population is going to grow to be 9 billion by 2050. To support the growing population, we’ll have to increase our food production by 70% or so. Did you know that one in every six Americans is suffering from food insecurity? In this blog, you’ll find some facts about hunger and poverty around the world that might seem shocking. This blog is intended to spread awareness about hunger around the world so that we can take actions to minimize world hunger, increase production, reduce wastage, and conserve our world’s natural resources.

Watch Replay of the NTP/CEED Biweekly Huddle Hango...

We’re delighted to have Anndrea Hermann,  President of Hemp Technologies and Chief Development Science Officer, Hemp Division of Creative Edge Nutrition as our guest.