If a small business is not marketed correctly, it can easily fail, and that’s not something that anyone wants to see happen. Therefore, it’s essential that your marketing is correct before you do anything else. There are a number of different ways to try marketing and which one works best for you will depend on your sector, your budget, and the people you are marketing to. Here are some of the best marketing tools that every small business should use.

Use Social Media

With so many people using social media on a daily basis, it makes sense to market your business on at least one of the platforms. It could be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or any of the other new channels that are opening up. The key is finding out which one (or ones) your target audience will be using. Once you do that using thorough market research, you can focus your marketing budget in the right place.

Social media posts that are shared are the most useful as more people will see them than the ones who like your page or follow your account. That means you need to think carefully about what you post so that you can peak the interest of as many people as possible. Another important thing to remember is that you will need to engage with anyone who comments on your page, as leaving questions unanswered will look bad when other people read what has been said.

Be Serious

smartphone If you run your business in a way that seems to show that you’re not taking it as seriously as you might do, that could easily put people off. It’s good to be relaxed and lighthearted at times, but when it comes to your business itself, you need to take it as seriously as possible. This could be something like using the best accounting software by SSI or having a dedicated email account for customers. Even something as simple (and useful when it comes to marketing) as having your vehicles professionally sign-written can make a difference. These things show that you are committed to the business and that you’re willing to spend money to make it the best it can be.


Blogging may not seem like a great marketing tool, but it can actually really help. If you can create valuable content that people not only want to read but that they share and engage with, you can boost your company’s profile massively. Blogging in the traditional sense is about writing something, but you can make this more interesting (if you prefer) by creating a video, or an infographic, for example. Something that is different enough to catch the eye and informative enough to remember is the ideal marketing tool.


Although every time you run a giveaway you need to take a lot into account to make sure you’re not losing money, they can be extremely useful when it comes to finding new customers or retaining old ones. The better the prize, the more likely people are to enter, and to tell their friends, so think carefully about what it is you’re going to give away.

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