Whether it’s with family, friends or work colleagues, it’s good to get out and spend the day together doing something you love. However, not everybody wants to ride roller coasters all day or watch the latest superhero blockbuster at the cinema.

Every now and then you need a day out that stimulates the mind and here are five great examples you could do any time.


There’s something incredibly powerful about a museum, whether it’s for natural history, a period of time, a local museum, or maritime or war-related As you wander through and take in all the exhibits, you can find yourself getting lost in the detail, the history and stories connected to each artefact or section. There’s no surprise that nearly all major cities and towns have at least one museum, and they are huge attractions for local and international tourists. They are truly inspiring, a lot of fun, and hugely stimulating for the mind.

Art Galleries

Art can often be new and intriguing to people who don’t feel that they will understand what they see and be able to interpret it properly. None of that has to matter if you don’t want it to, you can simply concentrate on all of the stunning art on display.

The great news for fans of art is that there are plenty of different types of art galleries to indulge yourself in, including modern art, portrait galleries, historical art and more. Do your research before you go and pick one that you think you will enjoy the most, and make the most of what the galleries have to offer. You won’t be disappointed.

Theater Tour

If you’re lucky enough to have visited Stratford Upon Avon in the United Kingdom, you will know that you can spend an entire day there. It’s the birthplace of William Shakespeare, the home of the Royal Shakespeare Company, and it’s a beautiful little town. You can even visit the great Bards’ final resting place in the church grounds. It’s a piece of history you won’t forget.

However, if you can’t get there, you can always pay a visit to your local theater and see what they have to offer in regards to tours and performances. A number of theaters have tours of the facilities, wardrobe, and backstage, before the show itself and a Q&A session with the actors, playwrights, and directors of the play afterward. An inspiring and educational day out.

Escape Room

If you want to stimulate the mind in a fun and exciting environment that requires teamwork and brains in order to win the day, you could have a go at the Escape Room Boston, MA is famous for. Each room is a different scenario with a different mind-boggling challenge to overcome within the 60-minute time limit, and you’ll soon find yourself either pulling together or fighting amongst yourself as you try and complete the individual tasks that will help you finally escape.

Food Festival

Fans of the culinary arts can find a food festival nearby with a simple Google search, and you won’t be disappointed. Food festivals are big business, and a great way for people to find and try food from different cultures and countries, and learn more about the food items themselves. Farmers markets are always popular, too, especially for lovers for a good piece of meat or a good pie. It’s nice to meet the people who create the food, too. And there’s always beer and wine to be found at a food festival. What better way to stimulate the mind than a locally brewed tipple?

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