When’s the last time you thought about—really thought about—where your food comes from? Take those grapes, for example: How many miles did they have to travel to get to your plate? Who picked them? Who grew them—and how did they grow them?

               And that’s just the fresh produce. What about the boxed items like crackers? Where are those made, and what do the ingredients look like?

               Those two are just a few examples of the disconnect most of us have with what we eat on a daily basis. We don’t know who grows it and who assembles it, and that makes an impact—not just on our health, but our communities too. The closer your food is grown to you, the more nutritionally sound it is and the fewer resources it takes to get to you. And locally grown food helps to support local farmers, which is a boon to your economy. Here’s why it matters, and here’s what to do.

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How To Make More Local Food Choices InfoGraphics

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