If you are reading this then the chances are that you are amongst the population of fantastic people that are committed to helping the environment and saving our beautiful planet from the damage of pollution and other damaging environmental impacts.

paper mailIf you feel strongly about eco-friendliness then you are probably already a firm follower of paperless life but unfortunately, there are large sections of the population that are reluctant to move over to paperless bills, bank statements and other ways that others have adopted to help the environment. Sometimes it isn’t ignorance but fear that stops people from being able to adopt paperless methods. According to Intelligent Environments, “Research reveals that UK banking customers receive more than 1.2 billion paper letters and statements from their bank each year.” So you can imagine the difference we could make by reducing this right down by encouraging online banking more.

Particularly older generations who have always worked with paper will find it harder to make the switch. If you know some people who could benefit from some help with using telephone/online banking then maybe you could offer to spend some time helping them to set up an account and show them the benefits of being able to track all of their finances online. They will never need to physically file paper away again, saving a lot of storage space.

Of course, it isn’t always that easy to convince people so it is also important to provide as many benefits as you can, from saving them money to helping the environment.

computerIf you know a business owner or someone who has an influence in a large office, ask them about their policies in regards to a paperless office. Find out whether there is room for improvements and plant the seed for the person to go back into the office and spring their ‘money saving’ idea to the rest of the office. By providing stats and financial savings, you can really get a good argument across and it will be hard for them to not look into improvements that they could make in the office.

Also, ask them about their travel policies. Do they have discounted season tickets for employees who take greener methods of transport? Is there a car-pooling scheme? These days you can even get vouchers for car pool providing companies like Ridester.com to keep travel costs lower. What about the cycle to work schemes? Does the company provide facilities to store bicycles, shower etc? Lots of large companies work in conjunction with bicycle retailers to offer reduced priced bikes to encourage people to cycle to work rather than take the car. Not only is the great from a health perspective and lessens congestion, it is also a great benefit to the environment.

If you are serious about educating people then try and speak to policy managers at some big companies to find out more about any initiatives they run and ask whether you can provide them with any information. If we all influence just a handful of people, who know how many they can inspire to go paperless and adopt other environmentally friendly processes too.
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