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blog1If you love learning about Zero Waste, here’s an invitation

Nine years ago I accepted the challenge to spend a week accumulating no waste for landfill.

It was a tough week and I needed moral support.

So I invited the readers of this site to join me.

One hundred people joined in, sharing their successes and failures, their hints, tips and ideas and at the end of the week, most people said they’d had so much fun they wanted another Zero. (Read More)


blog2Do Consumers Still Care about Recycling?

Recycling is the most accessible and easily understood aspect of environmentalism and sustainability. An eco-conscious practice often learned in childhood, the habit (or lack thereof) is passed down to us by our role models, parents and guardians, an action we are exposed to alongside taking out the trash. The concept of recycling may be an implicitly understood process explicitly enforced by some mandated guidelines, but do consumers still care about recycling? (Read More)



The season of gourds, ghouls, pumpkins, squashes and ghosts is upon us and there is so much you can do with these colourful fruits other than carving scary faces into them  (I want to call them vegetables, but apparently they are technically fruits)

There are loads of recipes out there for how to use them up, but did you know that every part of them is edible. That includes the skin, the seeds, the shells of the seeds and the soft sometimes stringy flesh otherwise known as pulp surrounding the seeds.  You don’t even need to cook them – they are edible raw too! (Read More)


blog5Fiskars Grant Feeds Starvin’ Marvin in Alaska

The Fiskars Project Orange Thumb community garden initiative provides groups across the U.S. and Canada with the tools, materials, and resources they need to bring their garden plans to life.

One of this year’s recipients, The Takshanuk Watershed Council in Haines, Alaska, will use their grant to further their Starvin’ Marvin program that brings gardening and nutrition education to local schools. (Read More)


countertops01Green Countertop Choices for Your Kitchen

Your choice of countertops may be the most exciting part of your kitchen remodeling project. A beautiful countertop is the signature improvement in a kitchen, perhaps the first thing one notices when entering the space. But not all countertops are the same with respect to health and environmental impact, and since the countertop is your food preparation surface, some research into healthy countertop options is warranted. (Read More)


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