Hi everyone, we are back with our blog highlights of the week. Every week, we bring forward five blogs from reputed sources on the topics of sustainability, green issues and global issues. If you care about the globe and want to learn more about green living, environmental issues and global issues, these blogs just might be for your. Enjoy our selection this week. 

blog highlightBuild Your Own Solar Oven in 5 Steps

First time hearing about solar oven? If yes, then you are at the right place. Not only you will be introduced to this money saving device, but we will also give you instructions on how to build it at home from scratch. This oven is simple to work with and it will change your cooking habits forever.(Read More)

upcycling Easy Upcycling: Turn A Log into A Versatile And Natural Bird Feeder

In our Southern summer garden, we are blessed by an abundance of the most beautiful of birds: the cardinal. My children love spotting the red and tawny birds foraging in our yard, and I’ve been wondering for some time how best to help them feed. They don’t seem that keen on my hanging bird feeders—the perches are too small, the birds too big. (Read More)

climate changeOn Our Radar: The Accelerating Health Impacts of Climate Change

This series of articles tracks and explores emerging issues that are shaping the corporate sustainability agenda and should be on the radar of business executives and corporate sustainability professionals. For an in-depth analysis of key sustainability trends for 2016, read our report Global Trends and Opportunities: 2016 & Beyond.

Climate change is having measurable effects on global human health with both climate change impacts and awareness among governments and businesses expected to accelerate in the second half of 2016 and over the coming decades. Some of the most acutely felt impacts include added strain on healthcare systems and reduced labor productivity, especially in South East Asia. (Read More)

ideasH&M Will Pay $1 Million for Your World-Changing Ideas

Have an “aha” concept that will revolutionize the fashion industry? H&M is willing to pay you big bucks for it. The Swedish retailer has opened applications for a second round of its“Global Change Award,” a grant-endowment initiative that fielded more than 2,700 submissions from 112 countries in its inaugural run in 2015. The €1 million ($1.1. million) prize money was split among five winning innovations, including clothing made of citrus-juice byproducts, polyester-digesting microbes, and an online marketplace for textile surplus. This year’s judging panel includes Lewis Perkins of the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute, Rebecca Earley of University of the Arts London, Franca Sozzani from Italian Vogue, and supermodel-entrepreneur Amber Valletta, as well as retired sportswoman Ellen MacArthur, whose eponymous foundation works to foster a “circular economy” that produces neither waste nor pollution. (Read More)

download-1710 Things You Can Do Each Day To Help Save Our Planet

The term “green living” has been a buzzword for years now. Some people and businesses are taking huge steps to become eco-friendlier by switching to solar power, going paperless and more. Going green doesn’t have to be that time-consuming and expensive, however. Below are ten small steps each person can take right now to live a greener life. (Read More)

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