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News | Table for two Rather than Dinner for oneBosch Sustainability Blog

Around the world, one in seven people suffer from malnutrition, and an equal number are overweight. To counteract this imbalance, the non-profit organization Table for Two addresses both sides of the problem. The initiative cooperates with more than 700 companies, restaurants, and schools in 14 countries around the world to offer healthy, low-calorie meals. A portion of the price of each meal served goes toward financing nutritious food for needy children in the school cafeterias of the Middle East, East Africa, and Southeast Asia. This kind of “calorie exchange” is beneficial for everyone involved. Since 2007, Table for Two has put more than 41 million meals on tables around the world. Donations have also helped fund local agricultural initiatives and nutrition education programs. (Read More)

travel china Top 7 Things to Do in China for Nature Lovers

China is an incredible and enchanting country that will captivate you with its stunning scenery and fascinating history. With 3,705,407 square miles of land, naturally there are an endless array of things to do in China, no matter what style of travel you prefer.

When you see the incredible palace that served the Ming and Qing dynasties and the beautiful gardens they created in Beijing, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported back to a very different time in this Asian nation’s history.

mountains Sustainable Agriculture Solutions

Sustainability more than any other discipline is governed by interdisciplinary thinking; sustainability touches everything, and can be applied to almost any problem solving scenario using a broad triple, quadruple or quintuple bottom line lens.

Food Waste, Food Security, Public Health, removing Toxic Chemicals from our environment, the Food Production Productivity Quotient, and the legislated expansion of agricultural and bio-conservation zones, are some of the solutions that are currently being perfected in British Columbia to help meet the agenda for a sustainable life on planet Earth. The wide variation of bio-climatic zones, types of soils, agricultural land protection covenants, and world class universities have given BC just the right mix; allowing it to develop some of the best minds and pest management methodologies anywhere in the world. A number of institutions and programs export intellectual property, products, and services that are solving many of the challenges facing global food systems. (Read More)

How to Grow Your Own Garlic

Historically known as the “leek spear” or “stinking rose,” garlic is one of the earliest plants documented for its medicinal and culinary uses. Found in ancient Egyptian tombs and given in a ration to pyramid builders, garlic has long been desirable for its pungent aroma, unmistakable flavor, and ability to ward off disease. Today garlic is a staple in many gardens. One of the easiest crops to grow and store, it also comes in a wide variety of delicious cultivars suitable for almost any location.

Garlic can be planted in the Spring with your other summer crops, but it can also be planted in Fall where the roots will develop through winter and send up well-established sprouts in Spring. Many gardeners favor Fall planting for garlic. (Read More)

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