Is there Really More Than One Type Of Hydroponic Garden Systems

Hydroponic garden systems have made life a lot easier for so many gardeners because it makes it possible to grow many plants in small spaces. Complete systems can be bought at affordable prices, but it is quite possible to construct a homemade system that works just as well. Most homemade systems can be put together easily and have good results. It is highly recommended that if and when someone is able to purchase a quality system, it is best to do so.

aquaponic tower farmHaving control over a growing environment is one of the greatest  advantages for anyone that chooses to grow their own plants at home. Building a controlled environment for larger production may prove to be costly, but it will pay off in the long run.

It is said that plants are like people when it comes to food, each breathing air and wanting to live in a comfortable environment. Successful use and consistent production from hydroponic gardening systems depend largely on the correct combination of nutrients during the different stages of the plant’s life.

Increasing the carbon dioxide levels will also greatly increase plant production. Enhancing CO2 can be accomplished by using injectors, a timer, and effective scheduling. If the goal is to use your garden for a long period of time or for ongoing production of more plants, it would be wise to invest in a system that is designed to support that.

Many people confuse hydroponics with systems that are set up for the simple purpose of just watering plants that are actually growing in soil.

Growing plants hydroponically is described as the cultivation method using strictly water and nutrients without soil. Reduced labor, less water wasted and lower cost per crop are apparent advantages. Manageability and cycles also depend on what type of system someone uses.

It is said that plant growth is much faster than that of plants grown in soil. But again, it depends on the techniques and the kind of plants that are being used.

Drip Systems – are designed using a timer controlled pump that distributes a solution made up of nutrients through drippers. A recovery system is common with this method for collecting runoff and returning it to the tank for further delivery.

aquaponic tower gardenAeroponics – is commonly considered a high-tech method for growers. Mist filled air is the primary medium for growth. Roots are suspended in the air as they are saturated with nutrient filled moisture every few minutes.

Nutrient Film Technique, water culture, the wick feeding system and what is known as flood and drain are also other techniques that growers are known to use.

Mother nature continues to play her part in healthy plant production and other aspects of such a controlled environment. But there is a much higher level of control available that makes the grower the master of his or her domain.

Small home-based gardens are capable of producing an income through the sale of healthy consistent crops. There are also many indoor farmers who have taken advantage of these methods and have done very well for themselves over the years.

If you have the free time and have been thinking about starting and maintaining a garden grown in water, seriously consider giving hydroponics a chance. There are a few things to learn and it may be a little confusing at times, but once you develop a solid and reliable technique of your own you will be very surprised at just how wonderful it can be.

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