Hello and welcome to our blog highlights of the week. In this post is a compilation of some of the amazing blogs in the environmental realm, selected by our team. We have the highlights and link here, feel free to visit these sites if you want to read these articles completely.

camper vanHow to Build a Badass DIY Camper Van

If you have enough money, it’s easy to buy an incredible adventure rig. (Just check out some of our favorites, most of which cost upwards of six figures.)

Building a camper van, on the other hand, is trickier but a helluva lot more affordable. You can either go the cheap, bare-bones route or opt for the nicest amenities around, but I prefer an approach that strikes a balance between the two. (Read More)

furniture Outdoor Furniture: Eucalyptus – A New Type of Wood

The most familiar wood on the market for outdoor furniture is Red Cedar, treated Pine, Teak and Oak. But another type of wood available on the market is eucalyptus. Eucalyptus which is native to Australia, Tasmania and nearby islands is a fast growing very hardy plant. It has been harvested for years in its native lands as timber and for fuel; but the trees have been introduced worldwide. In California, San Diego, eucalyptus was introduced as wood for the railways. In China the trees were introduced through reforestation efforts; but were turned to plantations now exceeding 170 million hectares. (Read More)

dolphin Dolphin rehab – just a different kind of cruelty

Earlier this month, SeaWorld made its media rounds after reports that its attendance has dropped in the wake of Blackfish and corresponding activism against captive orcas. Unfortunately for the orca’s beloved relative, the bottlenose dolphin, the feel-good Dolphin Tale film series based on Winter at Clearwater Marine Aquarium has not elicited so much public criticism. While dolphins have certainly been caught up in the captive viewing industry, they have also been ensnared in a more subtly dangerous operation known as captive rehabilitation.

In the context of dolphins, captive rehabilitation is when a stranded or beached dolphin is taken to a permitted rehabilitation facility to receive medical and therapeutic treatment. In most cases, the goal of the facility is to help the dolphin recover from whatever ailment it has, then release it back into the wild. Although rescue efforts are generally well-intentioned, there are several serious problems with using captive rehabilitation for dolphins. (Read More)

world mapSkeptic Talking Point Melts Away as an Inconvenient Physicist Confirms Warming

Anthony Watts and others who have energized climate skeptics by claiming to poke holes in research showing substantial recent warming have their work cut out for them.

Richard Muller, a noted Berkeley physicist who’s been a strident critic of climate campaigners, has released a much-anticipated new package of studies, along with all of his team’s data and methods, that powerfully challenges one of the prime talking points of pundits and politicians trying to avoid a shift away from fossil fuels. (Read More)

natureCould we set aside half the Earth for nature?

As of today, the only place in the universe where we are certain life exists is on our little home, the third planet from the sun. But also as of today, species on Earth are winking out at rates likely not seen since the demise of the dinosaurs. If we don’t change our ways, we will witness a mass extinction event that will not only leave our world a far more boring and lonely place, but will undercut the very survival of our species.(Read More)

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