Discover Three Of The Most Common Plant Propagation Techniques

When you are getting ready to plant a garden for your family or maybe even the entire neighborhood it’s helpful to realize there are multiple methods to propagate a plant. Which one is best for you can only be determined by your current situation.

However, with all of these different methods, you also need to realize that it is impossible for you to become an expert in any one of them overnight. Don’t let this discourage you, everything worth doing takes time and patience.

By knowing about the three most common ways it will allow you to begin to hone your skills down and maybe even one day you will soon be growing plants better than some farmers.

germination 1. The first method and easily the most common is directly planting the seed into the ground. When you do this, it is the simplest form of propagation that is around and has been completed for years.

So you will have to make sure the seeds are placed in the dirt and are covered up properly. Then you just have to water the plants and then wait for them to come up and you will have your plants ready for your growing season and know that they will produce flowers or vegetables for you to enjoy.

2.Bulbs is another form of a propagation of a plant. While this method is older and often relegated to flowers it is a method that has worked for centuries.

So it is a great method to use and can work out wonders for years to come as long as you remember to take the bulbs up before frost, unless it is a winter plant and put them in the ground before they are supposed to be blooming.

Either way bulbs are another great method that has been used to get plants to grow and produce gorgeous flowers.

cutting flower

3. Cuttings is another method that has been used for years to get plants to grow. This method is one that you will have to study as it can take time to be considered a master at it, but it is a method that can be used to gain in new apples for an older tree.

This provides different plants new lives as you can cut in a new type of plant and treat it like a splice. This is a great way to plant if you have some older plants that need to be protected or treated for a disease, without having to do direct injections or lose the plants type.


IMG_6519-300x200(1)When you are looking at getting a garden started you will either buy plants, or start with seeds. However, if you know the three most common methods of plant propagation techniques, you will quickly notice that it is going to be very easy for you to start your garden and be able to provide yourself with the flowers that you want to look at, but also be able to get the food that you want to eat fresh from your backyard and not have to worry about going to the store.


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