Cultivating vegetables in your very own garden for the most delicious homemade dinners around!

There is a lot to be said about being able to sample some of the best, freshest vegetables. However, this is something that becomes even more wonderful when you are able to taste fresh homegrown vegetables from your very own garden.

Whether you are cutting into a juicy tomato or grating sweet carrots for a salad, there is something incredibly satisfying in knowing that these are ingredients that you were able to cultivate and harvest. These are some of the top veggies that you can grow with ease from your very own garden:


You simply have to taste fresh peas from the garden to understand the tender sweetness that they have to offer. Not only are peas quite delicious, but they are also high in iron, fiber, potassium, magnesium and Vitamins B6, A and C.  You can grow peas in containers or in your outdoor garden.

Gardeners Tip: Make sure that you have support available for the pea shoots to climb up during the growing process.



Homegrown tomatoes are certainly something that a lot of gardeners try when they first start out. A perfectly ripe tomato that is straight from the vine and still warm from the sun is just true, natural perfection. Tomatoes are also very good for the body, including nutrients like iron, magnesium, fiber, niacin and lots of different vitamins. You can grow tomatoes in containers on your deck, in hanging planters outside your window or in your garden outside.

Gardener’s Tip: Just be sure that you are on the lookout for horn worms, which are a known nuisance that will attack your tomato plants.


When it comes tBeets from your own gardeno vegetables, beets happen to be one of the trendiest options out there today. This is a two-fer crop, where you can harvest the succulent beet roots as well as the greens. You can add the beet greens to your favorite salads or even cook the up for a side dish. The brightly colored beet roots are delicious cooked or pickled and they are very high in potassium, Vitamin C and iron. Easily grow beets in containers or in your garden, just be sure that you thin out the seedlings to one for each cluster.

Gardener’s Tip: Beet roots are at their best when harvested while they are small, so look for them to be approximately one to two inches wide.

CarrotsCarrots from your own garden

It goes without saying that carrots are a very versatile vegetable, for use in salads, side dishes, main dishes, juices, smoothies and even desserts.
High in 
vitamins, fiber, beta-carotene, manganese and potassium, you can grow carrots in containers or outside in the garden.

Gardener’s Tip: For container growing, just look for some of the shorter varieties that are available and time your harvests just right for optimal taste.


No matter what the outcome, you are always going to find that there is a lot of satisfaction that comes from growing your own, fresh homegrown vegetables. Even if you start off small, you will find that choosing new veggies for each growing season will be exciting and rewarding! And even better, dinner will be that much more rewarding knowing it came from your own backyard!

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