We are back with our blog highlights of the week. In this post is a compilation of some of the amazing blogs in the environmental realm, selected by our team. We have the highlights and link here, feel free to visit these sites if you want to read these articles completely.

candle Blame the Parents? Child Tragedies Reveal Empathy Decline

In the aftermath of the death of a 2-year-old boy who was drowned by an alligator at a Disney resort in Florida, much of the public response has been sympathetic. But not all of it: Sprinkled across social media, online comments and even whisperings you may hear at the water cooler, some individuals are instead pointing fingers, blaming the parents. (Read More)

sunsetDown the Indian Creek Rabbit Hole: An excerpt from ‘American Climber’

After El Capitan, my desire for wall climbing diminished. Perhaps it was growing older, or perhaps it was just my surroundings. The Black Canyon was no longer an hour away. Yosemite was no longer in my waking dreams every day. Durango was so close to the desert, and thus the desert became all that mattered to me in climbing. Just like wall climbing, the desert is a fantastic rabbit hole to go down.

I started to view the desert in a multitude of ways. As a home. As a canvas to paint my art. My own field of dreams where I could return to a childlike state of being, with the hindsight of an adult. A place where I could progress my vision of what it meant to be an American climber. (Read More)

deerFishermen Couldn’t Believe What They Saw 6 Miles Off Shore – And That Was Just the Beginning

When Rob Kurdy and his friends decided to go out on a fishing trip, they never could have imagined what they’d end up hauling back to shore. After all, this was the last thing you’d think of seeing six miles out to sea.

Like many guys, Kurdy and his buddies enjoy time out with the boys on fishing trips. And, on one particular trip in June 2016, they had planned on bringing home the motherload. (Read More)

airship Hybrid Airship Being Readied for Flight

The “world’s largest aircraft,” the Airlander 10, is being readied for flights to begin later this year. The Airlander 10 is a massive hybrid aircraft that combines helium lift, aerodynamic lift, and direct thrust for flight. As we’ve noted before, we are big fans of airships (and even if there are tradeoffs in time and energy costs, we think that there is definitely a place for them in certain niches of air transport), so this is exciting news. (Read More)


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