There’s an awful lot you can do with a backyard garden these days. Whether your taste lies in nurturing gorgeous plants and flowers, creating a place to relax and bird watch a bit, or even plant fruits and vegetables for your family to enjoy, gardens represent one of the most fulfilling hobbies you can indulge in around the house.


In the end, you can really make your residence feel as if it’s your own from top to bottom with a nice garden. In order to have the very best you can, consider following some of the tips below.


Tip #1 Maintain Soil Health


small garden If you intend to nurture plants and flowers in your garden, the main focus is on maintaining a rich, healthy soil. The majority of your work will be in preparing your beds with nutrient enriched soil that’s ready for planting.


You can eyeball or guesstimate it of course, but you should get a pH balance testing kit to make sure your soil is as healthy as it can be. If your ph levels are too low, they’ll be considered acidic. When they get too high, they’re considered to be alkaline. You want to try your best to keep your soil in the sweet spot in between the two.


There are also many different ways to test the soils pH balancewithout a kit. When the pH starts to drop too low, you can try adding a bit of lime juice. Gardener’s sulfur and acidic organic matter like pine needles will help when the pH is too high. If you live in a particularly arid region, you’ll probably be fighting to lower the pH more often than not.


Tip #2 Start Small


small plants If you want to grow the likes of vegetables, you should probably start out with something small and easy to maintain. If you start out with too much, you’ll soon find yourself in over your head. Food will likely waste, much of it due to the growing pains inevitable as you learn the best methods for getting a nice harvest.


You could consider tomatoes, squash, and peppers to start out with since they tend to perform well throughout the seasons. Your initial investment can also be much lower since you won’t need as many plants for them. Once you get more experience, then you can look into expanding with the likes of corn, carrots, potatoes, and so on.


Tip #3 Consider A Bird Feeder or Bird Bath


bird bathFor a nice bird watching garden, having some higher end bird feeders is a good idea. However, a bird bath will draw more attention than anything since birds will be drawn to the sound of the water refilling from further away. Feeders also attract unwanted attention from other creatures sometimes, so don’t overdo it in that respect.


Tip #4 Add Some Music


Finally, to merely make your garden a nice place to relax, you can consider installing some speakers, and try your best to plan the garden around your patio or back porch. A couple of reclining chairs is a great idea as well. Finally, if you have the space, you can even have coolers built right into the lining of your fencing or other dividers along the back yard to give you a great place to hold parties.


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