This is Going to be Exciting!!

How would you like to be able to network with other folks who sincerely care about the planet and making it better, and maybe even making some money while doing so? IOE and our partners NTP/CEED will be initiating Ecolonomic Meetup Groups around the country!! Starting in Northern Colorado, we will be having a monthly networking, socializing and educational event with refreshments, speakers, and other cool things.

We have started three Meetups here in Northern Colorado which are listed below.  Please join one or all of these and join with us to meet on a regular basis and talk about how we can do little things and big things to “Make a little Money Making the Planet Better”.

Contact us at or call the office at 303-495-3705 for more info. More announcements about times and dates to come. Also, we need volunteers to help so let us know if you are interested!! Meetups help people with shared interests plan meetings and form offline clubs in local communities around the world getting together doing something. You can find Meetups in your area, they are found every where.

Examples of Meetup Groups Around the Country

Meetups are groups of people with shared interests plan meetings and form offline clubs in local communities around the world. Meet your people in your area, offline. Get together to do something, learn something, share something.

meetup1Hampton Roads Environmental Network (Virginia Beach, VA)

Meet other local environmental activists. Discuss environmental issues affecting our local cities to include our food network, transportation, green building, support of local green businesses, our trash system, and renewable energy. Take action by speaking out against pressing issues, cleaning your environment. Teach us what you know and learn from others expertise. (Join Meetup)

The Metro NYC Environmental Meetupmeetup4

Meet other local environmentalists and concerned citizens to discuss environmental issues both on a global and local level.

The Metro NYC Environmental Meetup only promotes and participates in environmental and sustainability related volunteer, educational, activist, and social activities.

Group Events
*OFFICIAL group events will be highlighted in GREEN on the Calendar and you’ll be able to RSVP for them. (Join Meetup)

Green Energy Council – Atlanta Chaptermeetup2

In August 2009, the Green Energy Council offered its first courses in Atlanta. Attendees were both eager to learn more and very motivated to help this organization take root in Atlanta. As a result, the GEC Atlanta Ambassadors For Change was formed and continues to grow. Our last live training courses took place November 14, 2009 — which included Green and Sustainability 101 and Energy Assessment. Plans are in the works for more courses in the future and news will be posted on this site. GEC is not only committed to helping Georgia residents train for green jobs and expand their green businesses, but also is offering a strong presence to move the green agenda forward in the state. Through this site, we will continue to stay connected about green energy and about the great work of the Green Energy Council. Warm regards, Cynthia Frisch Site Organizer (Join Meetup)

meetup4Chicagoland Green & Eco-living (CGE) (Chicago, IL)

This group is for anyone who is concerned about the environment, supports the green movement and interested in eco-friendly living.

The Green Movement, Eco-Living, Permaculture, Sustainability, Environmentalism, Nature Preservation, Green Living, Conservation of Natural Resources, Holistic Living, Ecology, being Environmentally friendly, Alternative energy, Recycling, Bio-fuel & other Green Earth Technologies, Wildlife and Nature Conservation, Global Warming, Environmental Awareness, Green Party, Conscious Living and more. If any of these topics is of your interests and you are looking to meet like-minded people then this group is for you. (Read More)

meetup3Twickenham Green Drinks (Twickenham, England)

Twickenham Green Drinks is a social event open to all eco conscious or interested people living, working or volunteering locally. This is a free social event open to everyone and isn’t a green dating thing. We started this local meet-up over six years ago as a social networking opportunity for people interested in the environment and nature to come together. However, the Drinks have grown into much more than that with many new friendships formed. Come along, enjoy yourself in a relaxed atmosphere with like minded people. We are usually a mixture of 10 or more people working in the voluntary/charity sector, public sector, green businesses, local volunteers and interested people. Of course consuming green drinks is not compulsory! (Join Meetup)

Want to find Meetup Groups near you? Click here to find a meetup group in you area

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