Welcome to blog highlights. Here we have compiled highlights from five awesome environmental websites. These blogs focus on environmental and global issues, sustainability, green living, green business and economy. Enjoy our collection of this week. 

global warmingSatellite Eye on Earth: February 2016 – in pictures

Analysis of data collected by several Landsat satellites suggests that northern Argentina’s Chaco forests face one of the fastest tropical deforestation rates in the world.

The Chaco forests spread across a vast outwash plain in the centre of South America and for many years, puestos – small settlements centred around water sources –dotted the landscape. But in the past decade, large industrial-scale farm and ranch operators have cleared broad swaths of the Chaco. (Read More)

remodel5 Ways to Green Your Remodel

Whether you’re finishing a basement, making over your kitchen or building an addition, there can be an overwhelming amount to think about, from layout to fixtures to finishes. Builders are often focused on timelines, subcontractors, and building codes, and don’t always have “green” at the forefront of their minds. It’s likely going to be up to you to ensure that your project is as energy-efficient and non-toxic as possible.

In the last decade or so, options for green building have expanded dramatically, and it’s gotten far easier to research techniques and source materials. As you plan your new space, use some of these strategies to make it more eco-friendly (Read More)

blogPost COP21: Costa Rica’s Innovation Must Become the Global Norm

UNITED NATIONS, Mar 14 (IPS) – The Paris agreement means countries and corporations will be compelled to act much more quickly on making agricultural commodity production more sustainable. Companies must look beyond their supply chains. Farmers need support to overcome barriers such as: struggle with ineffective farming practices, lack of investment and fluctuating commodity prices. (Read More)

calfCalf Health Starts Sooner Than You Think

You could be feeding your cows backwards.

That’s a big part of the message Stephen Ford delivers to cow-calf producers. The animal science professor is one of the world’s leading experts on fetal programming – the idea that what happens inside the womb has a major impact on the entire life of a calf.

Research shows that if a cow is deprived of adequate nutrition, the calf may be predisposed to a range of problems later in life, including disease susceptibility. Much of that programming happens early in pregnancy rather than late, explains Ford, who directs the University of Wyoming’s Center for the Study of Fetal Programming. (Read More)

NASAOf course Earth is the best planet. But aren’t you a bit curious about NASA’s missions to Mars?

A few weeks ago, a journalism student approached me about interviewing a NASA spokesperson about the pros and cons of going to Mars. I could tell by her tone and the way she phrased her request that it was thinly veiled code for “I think it’s stupid for NASA to waste so much money sending people to Mars.”

Look, I appreciate Planet Earth as much as, if not way more, than the next person. I’m one of the few people I know working at NASA who has never even wanted to be an astronaut. Sure, floating and flying gravity-free would be full-on fantastic for like…wait for it…fifteen minutes. But being stuck in a metal tube without windows or showers, eating nasty food and using a space bathroom make me shake my head no faster than you can say “Buzz Aldrin.” (Read More)

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