Hello, and welcome to blog highlights. We have compiled highlights from five awesome environmental websites. These blogs focus on environmental and global issues, sustainability, green living, green business and economy. Enjoy our collection of this week. 

Leonardo DiCaprioHow Leonardo DiCaprio became one of the world’s top climate change champions

Leonardo DiCaprio was a climate champion long before the actor wrapped himself in an animal carcass, vomited up raw bison liver, and risked hypothermia for his Oscar-winning role in Revenant.

DiCaprio used his acceptance speech for best actor to urge a global audience to reject the “politics of greed”, and support leaders willing to take action against climate change. (Read More)

fossil fuelsCan we ‘leap’ away from fossil fuel dependency this year?

People are out in the streets today, pressuring governments to pay attention to Naomi Klein’s “Leap Manifesto” and its practical road map for how to divest wholly from fossil fuels as quickly as possible.

Today is Leap Day – that unusual 29th day of February that only rolls around every four years. It was Emperor Julius Caesar who, in 46 B.C., brought the 365-day solar calendar to the Romans. Even he, a “dictator in perpetuity”, realized it was easier to throw in an extra day and change human rules than it was to ignore the laws of nature. Sadly, we humans still have not learned that lesson and our planet continues to suffer as a result. (Read More)

recycleWhy the recycling market must adapt to survive

Many people in the green world have a love/hate relationship with recycling and worry about whether it really does any good. Matt recently wrote about how people are carefully separating their glass bottles, only to have them crushed and sent to the landfill. Some worry that it’s just a feel-good exercise that might even increase waste. In a review of “Junkyard Planet” by Adam Minter, I wrote about how he considers recycling to be the worst of the 3Rs.

Bike SharesGreen Inventions: 10 Hot Eco-Innovations That Could Change The Planet (PHOTOS)

The simple things in life can also be some of the greenest.

Biking to work slashes overall carbon emissions when compared to driving or using public transportation, contrary to what state legislators may say. Turn that idea into a 10,000-strong bike share program, and you can revolutionize the way a population thinks about going green. (Read More)

Green Entrepreneurs26 Green Entrepreneurs Who Are Helping Our Environment

From at-home mushroom farms to reusable diapers to bamboo bikes, the ideas of the following green entrepreneurs we interviewed are unexpected, effective and earth-friendly. We’d like to take a minute to celebrate the super green Mensches who realize that they can, in fact, make a living while helping to preserve and protect our world. After all, we have only one inhabitable planet (Sir Richard Branson hasn’t gotten that far yet). (Read More)

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