Hello, and welcome to blog highlights. We have compiled highlights from five awesome environmental websites. These blogs focus on environmental and global issues, sustainability, green living, green business and economy. Enjoy our collection of this week. 

moving by bike Moving to a new house by bike in NYC: How we live empowers how we move

The image above isn’t from New York. It’s from Amsterdam, where moving house by bike is almost certainly old news. But a recent article and slideshow in the New York Times suggests that moving house by bike is becoming a thing in the Big Apple too.

Covering a recent move by a video training manager named Ms. Ross, from the Lower East Side to an apartment near Union Square, the article describes how four cargo bike riders from the New York City Cargo Bike Collective helped Ross move everything from video production equipment to a seven-foot-tall wooden bookshelf. The cost for Ross—a member of the collective—was $400. The regular price would have been somewhere around $600. (Read More)

green town Masdar’s zero-carbon dream could become world’s first green ghost town

Years from now passing travellers may marvel at the grandeur and the folly of the futuristic landscape on the edges of Abu Dhabi: the barely occupied office block, the deserted streets, the vast tracts of undeveloped land and – most of all – the abandoned dream of a zero-carbon city.

Masdar City, when it was first conceived a decade ago, was intended to revolutionise thinking about cities and the built environment.

Now the world’s first planned sustainable city – the marquee project of the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) plan to diversify the economy from fossil fuels – could well be the world’s first green ghost town. (Read More)

global forumWeekly wire: The global forum | The World Bank

These are some of the views and reports relevant to our readers that caught our attention this week. The recently launched Sustainable Development Goals have kicked off a renewed development agenda that features, among other things, a dedicated emphasis on peace, justice, and strong institutions. This emphasis, encapsulated in Goal #16, contains several sub-priorities, including reducing corruption; developing effective, accountable, and transparent institutions; ensuring inclusive, participatory, and representative decision-making; and ensuring access to information.  Indeed, the governance-related Goals merely stamp an official imprimatur on what have now become key buzzwords in…..(Read More)

sustainable businessHow AstraZeneca, Fibria and Novelis Embed Sustainability into Business

Our recently released research, Sustainability Incorporated: Integrating Sustainability into Business, calls out the need for business to further embed sustainability into its core strategies. It highlights five pathways to more deeply integrate sustainability into business: employing business model thinking, putting materiality to use, applying a sustainability lens to products and services, tapping into culture, and leveraging transparency. In the first of a five-part series to explore these pathways, we focus on the first one, employing business model thinking. (Read More)

solar panelEffortless Energy Economics: How Domestic Renewables Can Energize the Caribbean (Part 1)

Never before has the opportunity to go green in the energy sector been as appealing and accessible as in the Caribbean. This four-part blog series documents the paradigm shift currently under way in the region, where the Dominican Republic, Haiti, andJamaica present moving case studies on the momentum that is building to realize the Caribbean’s untapped sustainable energy potential. (Read More)

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