New Year’s resolutions are fun to make. What are some of the funny resolutions you’ve heard? We are going to list the top 21 most outrageous New Year’s resolutions that we’ve come across!

Did your New Year’s Resolution work last year? Don’t worry, I’ve heard that New Year’s resolutions are like your drunk uncle… never take them too seriously.

But yet, they are fun.

Every year, 45% of Americans make a New Year’s Resolution, and only 8% are able to successfully achieve them.

We all want change in our lives. Change is good, and so, every year people make resolutions. Some of these resolutions could sound really simple while some others may sound unusual, funny, silly and even hilarious.

We have come across some pretty bizarre ones ourselves. Maybe you or someone you know made a funny resolution as well? Here, let’s take a look!

Our list of 21 Outrageous New Year’s Resolutions:

  1. new year's resolutionI resolve not to call any phone number for any TV contest.
  2. I will drink less beer; last year I drank enough beer to have kept the Titanic afloat.
  3. Don’t use texting vernacular in spoken language.
  4. Remember if you made a New Year’s resolution you are a fool, you are bound to fail.
  5. This year I’m going to incorporate “I don’t roll that way” into at least one conversation a week.
  6. Forgot to make resolutions? Just write out everything you did last night and at the beginning add the word “stop.”
  7. I will grow my hair.
  8. I will conserve more water and avoid taking baths whenever possible.
  9. I won’t miss the gym more than two weeks in a row.
  10. Find out a reason why I need 10 different email addresses.
  11. I won’t worry so much.
  12. I will cut my hair.
  13. I will not reply to funny jokes by typing LOL.
  14. I’ll restrict my TV watching to 7 hours a day instead of 8 hours.
  15. I’ll only surf the internet in my pajamas.
  16. I’ll eat out more so that I don’t waste any time cooking and washing dishes.
  17. I will keep an extra safe distance when driving behind police cars.
  18. Eat more nice things like candy, Big Macs, popcorn and ice cream. Eat less crap like fresh fruit, vegetables and soy nuts.
  19. Take up some worthwhile new habit, like smoking – it helps keep tobacco workers in jobs.
  20. Work less. Take it easy. All work and no play can make you a dull boy or girl.
  21. Play more computer games. Scientists say they’re good for you and improve your visual skills. But you always knew that.

new year celebrationWasn’t it fun? Still, a lot of people make New Year’s resolutions, and many of them include weight loss, healthy living, giving up a bad habit, working harder, eating better, earning more, being nice and those kinds of things. You get the idea, we always want to be better, and want better things.

Have you made your funny New Year’s resolution yet? No matter what your resolution is, we’ll help you stay healthy. Keep reading our blogs posts regularly.

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Source: Alternative Health Concepts

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