Who doesn’t enjoy a garden filled with some awesome sweet and healthy fruits? Sure, I seemed to be fortunate with a berry garden at my parent’s home. I just cherished this freshness being present there. This smell of fruits and the colour inside the garden seemed to be exceptional. I cherished eating some fruits that grew in different times of the year, spring and summer season for example, whenever they were seasonable,

I also found a great deal delight in buying these seasonal refreshing fruits, fresh from the garden, ripe and fresh with all natural flavors and goodness. Those were surely the days I’ll always remember.

There are lots of reasons to cultivate some fruits on your own. Firstly, a person doesn’t need to go to the market and buy commercially grown, packaged and imported fruits. You will never find the same freshness and natural goodness  in any supermarket or packaged fruits that you’d find from your own backyard garden.  

So why not start growing some fruits yourself in your own backyard garden? Growing foodstuff in your home garden is a venture definitely worth taking a shot at.  Isn’t the item well worth the effort as it can help you eat fresh for a long time?

Here are 5  fruits to  grow in  your Backyard Garden

  • Black Grapes
  • Apples
  • Plums
  • Strawberries
  • Lemons

Black grapes

Visualize this delight of popping fresh harvested grape in the mouth, it’s also  convenient nutritious to make fresh fruit juice out of them. Early spring is the best time to grow fruit. When you are planting, space your vines, and make them accessible. This can help to make this feeder roots expand nearby the canal. The roots of a grapevine often extend deep, therefore nicely developed soil is significant. Pruning will become necessary during the planting period.

Train your vines to grow along vertical support. Supports must be in place before you decide to grow these vines. The buds over the stems can flourish and bear fruits. Every season, prepare this rising vines on wire connections to have rooms. But you’ll need to cut these vines to suit your space.

You may feel reluctant to cut off your vines, knowing the amount you need to cut off, however fruit grow better because of the item. Vines can easily overproduce fruit. But it is advisable to decrease this because lower production signifies excellent fruits.

Sample a grape or two after regular intervals until they are ripe. Sampling will help you understand when the taste is at it’s prime.


apple treeThese incredible fruits are known for their taste and nutrition value. Growing apple trees from fruits may not yield to successful fruit bearing plants, which will work for eating. If you wish to try to grow apples and eat them fresh, right out of your garden; it is advisable to get a simple grafted young shrub. You should buy the item from the local nursery, when they can stock bushes well suited for a particular place.

Apple shrub requires a full 6 hours of natural light to cultivate sturdy and also help to make healthy fruits. Decide on a position far from fences or houses, because roots of this shrub can spread  wide with the twigs and branches. Now select the right section of the yard that has proper soil  drainage. Get a opening of 0. 3 m and also fill it using water. If the water drains rapidly, it must be great with regard to planting.

It’s time to grow this shrub. Get a opening two times this height with the roots and also 3 feet deep. Place a number of loose soil again and also loosen up soil around it to ensure easy penetration of roots. Spread this soil for the loose soil and stay watchful so that they are certainly not packed inside the opening. Begin covering the roots using soil and also ensure the item surrounds them to take out air purses. Press soil around it nicely.

Treatment is required to allow it to be generate healthy fruits Immediately after the maturity, prune the branches each year.


plumThese small delicious candy looking fruits are not just mouth watering but bring beauty to your garden. They are compact and often require less care than other fruit trees. Plum trees are widely adapted and are planted in groups because they require cross-pollination to produce fruit. Plum trees should be planted  in well drained and moderately fertile soil. We need to avoid frosty areas as it will damage the trees.

Use grafted trees and keep the graft union an inch above the soil line. Dig a hole a few inches deeper and wide enough to manage the spread of the roots. Set the trees on top of small heap of soil in the middle of the hole and press soil down to remove air pockets.

Space the standard trees 18 to 20 feet apart. Water the young trees heavily once a week during the growth period. Once it’s established and starts giving fruit, fertilize regularly all year to keep the fruit production.

Prune the trees every spring and summer season to avoid contamination.  Usually, pruning is best in early spring for young trees and summer for established ones.


Most of these small heart like gems help to make an ideal refreshing snack. Whenever planting strawberries, make sure you choose the right depth  and also position. They need full day of natural light and also fertile soil to generate excellent berries.

While planting, only conceal the roots and leave  this rising buds above the ground. Water these plants regularly and obtain fertilizers for your soil for full growth. In the course of summer, all types of berries can ripen about 25 to 28 days after the blossom. . Eat good berries, and enjoy this heavenly fruit year after year.


lemon treeLastly , this is the fruit which is easiest luscious fruit tree to grow. They look beautiful and brings invigorating odor to your garden. Like others, this fruit also need a daily 7 hours of sunlight to grow. Buy a grafted lemon tree from your local nursery, dig a hole of about 1 foot and plant the grafted tree into the hole. Fill it up with a good quality potting mix and make sure it’s tamped down well. Water them every two weeks when the surface feels dry and you are good to go. They need less maintenance than others but a well drained soil is important.  Use a good pest oil to keep them away from any pests or diseases and prune to maintain a good looking healthy tree.

Fruits are full of nutrients to boost our health, especially when they are fresh and grown in an organic garden. What could be fresher than fruits grown in your own backyard? Even if you don’t have a backyard, you could use containers or some other urban farming techniques to grow your own fruit trees.

Try growing these fruits in your backyard with these easy steps.  You’ll love the fresh taste and flavor of fruits from your own fruit garden. It would surely make your backyard garden feel like heaven!

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Source: Nourish the Planet

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