Once again, this week we are back with another collection of some of the best blogs found on the internet about sustainability, green living, green issues, and current global issues

blog 1Allen Austin Enters the Cleantech Realm

The transition away from our current fossil fuel-based energy system and toward a cleaner, more sustainable energy future calls for a new generation of leadership. These C-level and executive positions could be filled by those with experience in the traditional energy sector, or by people with strong skills in the emerging renewable energy or technology industries, or by those with entrepreneurial backgrounds, who may offer a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities available to cleantech businesses. (Read More)

cleanerDIY Cleaners | Eco Friendly

There are so many good cleaning recipes out there, but I would like to share a few that we use in our home.

All-Purpose Cleaner


  • 1 3/4 c Water
  • 1 3/4 c Vinegar
  • 1 dropper full of Grapefruit Seed Extract or several drops of Tea Tree Oil
  • Optional: 1 tbs Dish Soap (a small squirt)

Pour the ingredients into a spray bottle and give it a gentle shake.  That’s it!

(If you love soap berries, try my Simple Soap Berry All-Pupose Cleaner Recipe!) (Read More)


Energy sustainability is not only an opportunity to transform societies and grow economies, but it is also a necessity—a prerequisite to meet growing energy demand in many parts of the world and to reduce the global carbon footprint. In order to build a strong basis for prosperity and competitiveness, individual countries must balance the three core dimensions of what Oliver Wyman and the World Energy Council have defined as the energy trilemma: affordability and access, energy security and environmental sustainability. (Read More)

bio fuel‘Nano-reactor’ created for the production of hydrogen biofuel

A modified enzyme that gains strength from being protected within the protein shell — or “capsid” — of a bacterial virus, this new material is 150 times more efficient than the unaltered form of the enzyme.

The process of creating the material was recently reported in “Self-assembling biomolecular catalysts for hydrogen production” in the journal Nature Chemistry. (Read More)

sustainable environmentTOTO Announces The Plumbing Industry’s First Products To Earn The International Living Future Institute’s “Red List Free” Declare Labels

Company Dramatically Raises the Bar for Health Material Evaluation and Product Transparency with 19 New Declare Labels and Eight New Sustainable Minds Material Health Overviews, Helping Building Industry Professionals Achieve the Highest Standards for Healthy, Environmentally-Responsible Designs (Read More)

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