Once again, this week we are back with another collection of some of the best blogs found on the internet about sustainability, green living, green issues, and current global issues.

climate changeLiving fossils: the plants holding the key to ancient and modern climate change | Science | The Guardian

Ask the average person to name a living fossil, the chances are they will think of the coelacanth, or perhaps horseshoe crabs. However, plant examples of living fossils are all around us, surviving from long before the rise of today’s dominant plants. The flowering plants, or angiosperms, are the basis of our food chain and include grasses and broad-leaved trees. But seed plants such as conifers and cycads, and even ancient spore producers such as ferns and clubmosses, continue to earn a living in environments where they are not squeezed out by highly efficient, flowering newcomers. (Read More)

blog 2This gorgeous standing desk is sleek, smart, and sustainable| Treehugger

Made by NextDesk, the Encore is ideally green, with bamboo top, recycled aluminum frame, and VOC-free coating – perfect for this TreeHugger writer! My introduction to the world of standing desks began last month, when a package arrived on my doorstep. It was a NextDesk Encore, made by a company that already guarantees formaldehyde-free products but wanted to take its green commitment even further with this gorgeous product. (Read More)

blog 3Rapid Arctic warming drives shifts in marine mammals — ScienceDaily

New hydrophone surveys of migration gateways to the Arctic show that recent extremes in sea ice loss has opened new waters to humpback and fin whales that once ranged through the far north only in summer. And as climate change drives the ice into further retreat, such ‘summer’ species may begin competing with bowhead whales that once had the habitat to themselves. (Read More)

blogHoliday Social Interaction Survival Guide| Ecocentric 

It happens to all of us: it’s the holidays and you have to interact with the relative(s) who may be a bit off-base when it comes to the issues you care about. There are typically two ways you can deal with it: ignore them or argue with them, and – let’s be honest – rarely does either tactic get anywhere. (Well, other than compelling you to go anywhere they’re not.)  (Read More)

blog 5How much energy does a soda machine waste? | Grist

Q. Dear Umbra,

Soda vending machines are refrigerated. How much energy (or CO2) does a typical soda vending machine consume?  – Andrew

A. Dearest Andrew,

Most of us are familiar with the frosty refreshment that awaits whenever one pops open a soda can — an ideal reinforced by years’ worth of soda commercials. The cans are always sweating, the drinkers often are too (when they’re not polar bears, anyway), and the first sip is frequently associated with jumping into the ocean, sledding, and other such bracing activities. A soda that’s anything less than instantly, lip-tinglingly cold is downright un-American — or that’s what they’d have us believe, anyway. (Read More)

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