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How would you like to be able to network with other folks who sincerely care about the planet and making it better, and maybe even making some money while doing so? NTP/CED will be initiating a series of Ecolonomic Meetup Groups around the country!! Starting in Northern Colorado, we will be having a monthly networking, socializing and educational event with refreshments, speakers, and other cool things. Contact us at or call the office at 303-495-3705 for more info. More announcements about times and dates to come. Also, we need volunteers to help so let us know if you are interested!!

Meetups help people with shared interests plan meetings and form offline clubs in local communities around the world getting together doing something. You can find Meetups in your area, they are found every where.

Meetup Groups in Your Area

Meetups are groups of people with shared interests plan meetings and form offline clubs in local communities around the world. Meet your people in your area, offline. Get together to do something, learn something, share something.

Austinaquaponics-Aquaponics and Sustainable living (Austin, TX)

The Purpose of the Austin Aquaponics meet up group is to perpetuate the use of aquaponics as a viable means of food production in a broad range of applications. From backyard hobby and gardens, to small family farms and commercial production, we hope to educate others about aquaponics by sharing experiences and networking together to help build a more sustainable future. (Join Meetup)

houseGreen Home Go-To of St. Louis (Grover, MO)

This coffee club group is all about action…taking action…in our homes and community to green up homes. Learn and teach how to be a green home go-to – a person with the knowledge, resources, and experience to share what you know with family, friends and neighbors on a casual, volunteer basis. Join us to help others understand how they can get started – a little or a lot – greening up their own homes. We have a chance to do this…one home at a time. (Join Meetup)

Grand recycleJunction Green Living Meetup (Grand Junction, CO

Let’s get together to share ideas about living a safer, greener life. We’re learning more and more about the dangers or chemicals and the unexpected ways they are impacting our lives. We’ll share tips, studies, research, products, and green businesses. We’ll feature businesses with green living solutions. I started this group to meet other people interested in green living, building relationships, and to create a learning/sharing environment. (Join Meetup)

urban farmThe Saint Louis Urban Farm & Sustainable Development Group

Meet other local people who are interested in Urban Farms and Sustainable Development. These are urban design movements aimed to reform all aspects of urban development and sustainable living. Help to create neighborhoods that are self-reliant, safe, abundant, and contain a diverse range of cultures. Let’s restore our urban fabric and communities! (Join Meetup)

Mississippi Kayaking Meetup Group (Ocean Springs, MS)kayakers in Mississippi

Calling all kayakers in Mississippi, our mission is to form a community of people who enjoy kayaking, meeting other kayakers, and discovering new places to paddle in South Mississippi. Are there places you want to paddle but do not want to go on your own? There are thousands of waterway and barrier islands to explore along the Gulf Coast of Mississippi and other regions of the Florida, Alabama, and Louisiana. It is free to become a member and get updates via email on kayaking trip we plan, there is also no obligation to be a part of our community, just a love for the outdoors and a desire for adventure. As our group grows we will create group discount for event, races, kayak instruction, and local outfitters. (Join Meetup)

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