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green festivalGreen Festival San Francisco 2015 is Here!

The Green Festival San Francisco is here again! Join one of the best events in SF this Friday, Saturday and Sunday for all you need for sustainable living. The annual Green Festival is coming to town this weekend, and it is a very cool event featuring the best of sustainable living brands from around the globe, along with freebies, food, and inspiring talks from sustainability leaders from around the world. (Read More)

Cycle tracksCycle tracks in the sky will abound in Copenhagen

In 1905 H. G. Wells predicted that “Cycle tracks will abound in Utopia”. But I doubt even he could imagine what is happening in the cycling utopia of Copenhagen. The latest bike bridge (here are some others) proposed is this one designed by architect Steven Holl back in 2008, stalled by the Great Recession, and now going ahead. It’s 65 meters (213 feet) in the air; you get to it via two giant bike-friendly elevators. The LM Gateway is described by Holl: (Read More)

blog 4How Better Battery Storage Will Expedite Renewable Energy

Between 2006 and 2012, global solar photovoltaic’s (PV) annual capacity grew 190 percent, while wind energy’s annual capacity grew 40 percent, reported the International Renewable Energy Agency. The agency projects that by 2030, solar PV capacity will be nine times what it was in 2013; wind power could increase five-fold.Do you have a suggestion for a blog highlight? (Read More)

food wasteSustainable America Receives Grant to Expand Food Waste Educat

Earlier this year, we launched I Value Food, a national campaign to help educate people about food waste and how to reduce it. Soon, we’ll be kicking off a project closer to home, here in Connecticut. We were just awarded a $25,000 grant from the EPA’s New England office to implement a Food: Too Good to Waste program with members of faith-based congregations in the Greater Bridgeport and Stamford areas. (Read More)

alternativeAlternative Medicine for Women’s Health

There are many types of alternative medicine used throughout the world today as many of the women are moving towards alternative medicines. We’re exploring a variety of alternative therapies that support your health and wellness this week. Choice in healthcare is a good thing (Read More)


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