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transportDivided Transport

Transport systems advance social equity by providing access to jobs, goods and services, and fostering rural-urban linkages. Sustainable transport systems enable the efficient mobility of people and goods, with limited adverse environmental and social consequences. As the transport sector contributes to about 15 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, developing the sector sustainability remains a critical—and daunting—global development challenge. (Read More)

wind powerWorld’s largest floating wind farm gets green light

When people hear “floating wind turbines” , they often think of the large-scale offshore wind farms that are already commonplace in some parts of the world. But there’s an important distinction. While conventional offshore wind—in which the turbines are mounted in relatively shallow water and fixed to the sea floor—has scaled up considerably over the last few years, floating wind turbines—which are anchored using cables but do not have a fixed foundation on the sea floor—have so far only been deployed in small-scale trials. (Read More)

horseIdeas for Sustainability | A blog by Joern Fischer and his collaborators on sustainability and landscape ecology: engaging your head and your heart

A blog by Joern Fischer and his collaborators on sustainability and landscape ecology: engaging your head and your heart….(Read More)

blog4Global Goals: Are citizens expecting too much from business?

The SDG’s are launched and the dust is settling. Expectations are high that business will be a driving force in helping governments achieve them. Certainly, the results from our PwC SDG Engagement Survey 2015, reinforce this. Citizens aren’t expecting business to wait to be told what to do or to leave the SDGs for others to achieve (only 5% think this), they’re expecting great things. Our results show citizens expect business to apply SDG thinking to their core business activity, with less emphasis on peripheral projects or reporting. 50% expect business to embed the SDGs into its strategy and the way it does business. (Read More)

helloweenEnjoy a Safe, Green Halloween!

Halloween poses a challenge to many eco-conscious parents: If we stay true to our values and reject the unhealthy, wasteful trappings of Halloween, we feel like we’re depriving our kids of a rite of childhood. Many of us give in, but the knowledge that we’ve compromised principles dear to our heart — and that ultimately help protect the future these kids will inherit — haunts us. To make this Halloween a little greener, try some tips that have worked for other eco-minded parents. (Read More)

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