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How would you like to be able to network with other folks who sincerely care about the planet and making it better, and maybe even making some money while doing so? NTP/CED will be initiating a series of Ecolonomic Meetup Groups around the country!! Starting in Northern Colorado, we will be having a monthly networking, socializing and educational event with refreshments, speakers, and other cool things. Contact us at or call the office at 303-495-3705 for more info. More announcements about times and dates to come. Also, we need volunteers to help so let us know if you are interested!!

Meetups help people with shared interests plan meetings and form offline clubs in local communities around the world getting together doing something. You can find Meetups in your area, they are found every where.

Meetup Groups in Your Area

Meetups are groups of people with shared interests plan meetings and form offline clubs in local communities around the world. Meet your people in your area, offline. Get together to do something, learn something, share something.

meetup1Minnesota Tech Startups & Entrepreneurs (Minneapolis, MN)

This is a group for entrepreneurs and business owners with an emphasis on internet, software, SaaS, computers, and similar tech startups. I started this group to allow like-minded individuals to meet each other, exchange ideas, and inspire each others’ business success. Topics include: (Join Meetup)


meetup2San Francisco Green Drinks Meetup (San Francisco, CA)

San Francisco Green Drinks (SFGD) is a volunteer-run, non-profit organization that actively promotes green networking, education and volunteer events in the San Francisco Bay Area. SFGD’s mission is to be the eco-conscious hub, both on and offline, for local individuals, organizations, and businesses that aim to strengthen and support the local environmental and green community.  (Join Meetup)

global_6208310Code Green (Mesa, AZ)

Discuss global trends in Warming, Weather, Population, and Energy availability. Explore different ways we can respond to accelerating economic and environmental challenges. Have fun learning and sharing as we meet up monthly. Code Green Group goals: 1. Brainstorm and develop a Code Green reading list that helps us better understand important global trends. Discuss the impacts of these trends on our economy and environment. (Join Meetup)

meetup14The Boston Green Business Networking Group (Milton, MA)

The Boston Green Business Networking Group realizes that not only do like minded businesses naturally tend help promote each other but we also have the potential to help the entire industry grow and spread here in the US and abroad. Boston historically has been the hub of innovation, growth and networking. Boston is, and always has been, a leader in the conventions and industry trade show industries that bring like minded people together for the sharing and growth of new ideas, technologies and businesses. Steeped in this tradition we set our goals. Please join us on this journey to the future! (Join Meetup)

meetup5Greater Victoria Green Team (Victoria, BC)

We’re a group of people from all over the Victoria area who get together to help restore our local environment in the Capital Regional District. We work with Municipal and Provincial Parks, Charities, Non-profit organizations, Societies, Stewardship and Watershed groups to tackle environmental issues through co-operation and teamwork. We also volunteer at farms to promote local sustainable agriculture. Gloves and tools will be supplied as well as refreshments! All ages are welcome* and no experience is necessary. If you care about the environment, local food security, and meeting other passionate people then this is the group for you! (Join More)

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