This is Going to be Exciting!!

How would you like to be able to network with other folks who sincerely care about the planet and making it better, and maybe even making some money while doing so? IOE will be initiating a series of Ecolonomic Meetup Groups around the country!! Starting in Northern Colorado, we will be having a monthly networking, socializing and educational event with refreshments, speakers, and other cool things. Contact us at or call the office at 303-495-3705 for more info. More announcements about times and dates to come. Also, we need volunteers to help so let us know if you are interested!!

Meetups help people with shared interests plan meetings and form offline clubs in local communities around the world getting together doing something. You can find Meetups in your area, they are found every where.

Meetup Groups in Your Area

Meetups are groups of people with shared interests plan meetings and form offline clubs in local communities around the world. Meet your people in your area, offline. Get together to do something, learn something, share something.

global_221347132.jpegData Science for Sustainability (Redwood City, CA)

We’re a group interested in the application of Data Science to issues of sustainability, asking questions such as:

  • what data feeds can improve supply chain sustainability?
  • how can fault detectors be applied to agricultural water conservation?
  • in what ways can building energy efficiency be automated?
  • how can cell-phone data inform transport planning? (Join Meetup)

 meetup2The Saint Louis Urban Farm & Sustainable Development Group (Saint Louis, MO)

Meet other local people who are interested in Urban Farms and Sustainable Development. These are urban design movements aimed to reform all aspects of urban development and sustainable living. Help to create neighborhoods that are self-reliant, safe, abundant, and contain a diverse range of cultures. Let’s restore our urban fabric and communities!

meetup3The Boston Sustainable Food Meetup Group (Boston, MA)

Do you care about what you eat? This is a group of folks who want to support local, humanely raised, environmentally sustainable, fairly traded, “green” food. Thinking about joining a CSA? Maybe considering a tomato plant on your balcony this spring? How bout a new compost bin for your backyard? Maybe you work on or own a farm in Massachusetts? Or sit on the board of a an urban non-profit that brings produce to people in need……or you’re a policy student, interested in finding ways of lobbying for the small organic food producers. We’re all members of a community of food-lovers!! So let’s get together and do what we do best – eat! (Join Meetup)

meetup4Dallas Sustainable Living & Organic Gardening (Dallas, TX)

Meet other local people who are making their lives more sustainable–whether in leaps or tiny steps. We are interested in many areas of sustainable living: organic gardening, permaculture, starting a green community, homesteading, lobbying our political leaders to create a more sustainable environment, climate change, peak 0il, and preparedness. (Join Meetup)

global_96243702Austin-Aquaponics and Sustainable living (Austin, TX)

Help gauge the interest folks in Austin and surroundings areas are showing in aquaponics, by signing up and Become a member.

Sign up today and share your AP experience!

The Purpose of the Austin Aquaponics meet up group is to perpetuate the use of aquaponics as a viable means of food production in a broad range of applications. From backyard hobby and gardens, to small family farms and commercial production, we hope to educate others about aquaponics by sharing experiences and networking together to help build a more sustainable future. (Join Meetup)

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