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blog17 Big Moments from Climate Week 2015 | World Resources Institute

Even for those of us who work on climate change every day, last week was one of the most inspiring events in a long time. From the Pope’s messages to renewed business engagement to major countries throwing their support behind action, the sense of momentum was striking. With the Paris climate summit only two months away, leaders harnessed the opportunity to raise their voices and make it known that business, the public, governments, faith groups and civil society are taking climate action to catalyze the transformation to a low-emission economy. (Read More)

Connecting the Dots on the Oceansblog2

Written by Alvin Leong (LLM, JD), an energy and environmental policy advisor and fellow at the Pace Global Center for Environmental Legal Studies.

The global ocean is in peril, driven by years of over-exploitation of marine resources, destructive fishing, overfishing, marine pollution, habitat destruction, biodiversity loss and weak governance, and increasingly threatened by climate change.

Will this protracted, dispiriting decline prove to be irreversible? (Read More)

blog3Why Recognizing Our Own Privilege Can Be So Hard | Sustainable Human

There is a kind of lottery that very rarely is talked about in which every single human being participates. Some have called it the birth lottery. For example, by being born in the United States, you are entitled to a U.S. passport which gives you access to travel to nearly every country in the world. But if you were born in Palestine, your ability to move about freely is limited to an area about the size of the San Francisco Bay. The winners of this birth lottery is anyone that was born in a “first world” country with access to far more resources than those born in countries whose population primarily serves as an under-appreciated, undervalued, and under-rewarded labor force. (Read More)

blog4Food Safety Training Centers Announced | National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition

With one Food Safety Modernization Act (FMSA) rule finalized, and another expected by the end of the month, the talk has turned to implementation. NSAC has long advocated that robust farmer education, outreach, and training are critical components to successful FSMA implementation. Particularly for produce growers, valued-added farming operations, and small food processors – many of which have never had to comply with food safety requirements of this nature before – outreach, education, and training are essential to help prepare for and adapt to FSMA’s impacts and requirements. (Read More)

blog5Energy Imbalance | Sense & Sustainability

I recently received a phone call from a colleague upon return from her first major conference on clean energy. Before I could welcome her back from her trip, she blurted out that the conference went well, but she was strangely one of only three women attending among hundreds of participants. She wondered, “Is this normal for the clean energy industry?” and “Are women playing a significant role in the clean energy revolution?” My answers were: “Yes,” and “Not yet.” (Read More)

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