Here is a collection of this weeks some of the best blogs found on the internet about sustainability, green living, green issues, and current global issues.

nbcScientists Link Oil Exposure to Reduced Survival of Fish – NBC News

New federal research shows that embryonic salmon and herring exposed to very low levels of crude oil can develop heart defects that hurt their chances for survival. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration scientists say their conclusion could explain why herring and pink salmon populations in Prince William Sound declined after the 1989 Exxon Valdez spill. (Read More)

globe-582060_1280Action on climate change is cheaper than inaction — Global Issues

A number of countries and companies have long been worried that the costs of tackling climate change (prevention, mitigation, adaptation, etc) will be prohibitive and would rather deal with the consequences. They often assume (or hope) the consequences will not be as bad as scientists are predicting. (Read More)

blog3Video: Can you solve these top mysteries of the universe? – Telegraph

Scientists have discovered a so-called supervoid but are uncertain of what it is. However, the universe is still filled with other mysteries. Scientists have discovered a ‘supervoid’ in space, a peculiar empty section of space which is missing roughly 10,000 galaxies. This empty space, which is thought to be the largest known structure ever discovered in the universe, is baffling experts. (Read More)

blog4Media scare stories are the real drivers of transparency | Guardian Sustainable Business | The Guardian

A host of transparency tools are available to consumers wanting to assess the transparency of brands, yet to date their direct impact on consumer behaviour appears to have been nominal at best. Steve New, associate professor at the Saïd Business School and an expert on supply chain management, says this is in part because consumers don’t make much of an effort to understand the supply chain, though when they do “they are generally well-meaning and horrified to discover the environmental degradation and forced labour that exist in the making of their favourite products,” he says. (Read More)

blog5The Ecological Benefits of Forest Fires | Eartheasy Blog

This has been the summer of forest fires in North America. Hundreds of fires still rage across the US and Canada as fire season winds down. To the thousands of people who have suffered loss of homes and property, there is no silver lining to a forest fire. It is hard to imagine anything more dramatic and terrifying than a forest fire blazing its way through everything in its path. It seems like the ultimate picture of destruction. While there is no doubt that these fires can threaten lives and property, and break down years and often decades of lush growth; all is not lost. There can be hidden benefits that come with forest fires. In many instances, forest fires are natural occurrences that play a vital role of renewal in the cycle of forest life. (Read More)

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