Meetups are groups of people with shared interests plan meetings and form offline clubs in local communities around the world. Meet your people in your area, offline. Get together to do something, learn something, share something.

meetup1Boise Sustainability Meetup (Boise, ID)

This is a group for anyone interested in local food, gardening and permaculture, group projects, community gardens, eco-friendly living, farmers markets, and healthy eating. I started this group to encourage growth among the local sustainability community and to increase the availability of local food. Very excited to learn and grow together! Looking forward to fun and educational meetups in Boise and beyond!

meetup2San Diego Sustainable Development Meetup Group (San Diego, CA)

This SD Sustainable Development Group is a way to network in San Diego with other people interested in sustainable development both in the US and internationally. We will learn about and explore sustainable development practices, meet other people with similar interests, and ideally DO something to make an impact that reflects the interest of the group and the needs of our communities. All types of people and ideas are welcome. The more people committed to and knowledgeable about sustainable development, the better off our world will be, environmentally, economically, psychologically, and more.

meetup5!Citizens Advocating Use of Sustainable Energy! CAUSE_Online (Calgary, AB)

Learn about all of the improvements in the oil & gas industries and all of the sustainability-related developments in the energy sector as a whole while networking with Albertans who are on the leading edge of these changes…

meetup3Awakening the Dreamer’ sustainability program/Be the Change (Adelaide)

The ‘Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream’ workshop is a half-day transformative journey that educates people on the challenges and possibilities of this moment in time and the role they can play in creating a new sustainable future. The vision of the free sessions developed by Be The Change Australia and the Pachamama Alliance is to help shift those individuals ‘concerned’ about the state of the world into the ‘active’ category. The events helps participants to see the unique way in which they can contribute to help build “an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling and social just human presence on this planet.”

meetup4Sustainability Drinks Australia – Sydney (Sydney)

Connecting passionate people to create a better world. Sustainability Drinks Australia, founded in August 2007, has become one of Australia’s most highly regarded and successful monthly sustainability based events organisations. An open invitation is extended to all who are “passionate about creating a better world” to come and mingle with like-minded people and listen to an inspiring speaker share their sustainability story. Events are held monthly in small towns and big cities across Australia and our list of participating places is growing all the time. Events run from 6-8pm on a select day of every month and the speaker presents for 10 minutes at 7pm. A Q&A, community

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